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And you are ready to death? (At us in America)

my good friend, from ours with him telephone conversation having learned that I will pass soon by the house of his father, asked to make a favor - to pick up the old man and to take to the area of the Russian shops. (Here it strange is called - the Sofa. Turkic something strikes). It is not a pity why and is not present. The son called the father, I taxied up under gate and a starikashechka of villages on forward sitting. The conditioner worked, and I not to chill the old man, asked whether blows to it, but he, the hands, vigorously adjusted reshetochka to himself on a breast and a face. Well, let it pass, we go. We stir about that about this. Then the heavy traffic went. On some next red I had an opportunity to closer consider the old man and... it was not pleasant to me. I ask, the grandfather, you OK, and he somehow inertly and badly answers. Mumbles something. Person not that... Set to me it is dashing. Moved down on a roadside, I bother the grandfather, and he is absolutely bad. Hardly mutters: music - music - music to understand nothing, the person is warped... And suddenly got hoarse, terrible such. And it is silent. I think, died or it is live, simply unconscious? Was frightened awfully. I don`t think!

Opanki. Well also put. What to do, us here since the childhood learn - to touch nothing, not to give help if you have no license of the doctor etc. I call 911, not to the son. The coroner - the bailiff will be immediately. There arrived hastily even 4 cars plus the ambulance. Touched something? No, I am the scientist. Stood on zharishche minutes 40 until they in ambulans overloaded the old man until took away, readings from me were taken. I to them about music - music and the police officer explains that Music (with an accent on the second syllable) is the Chicago funeral house for orthodox Russian Christians.

Late at night the old man`s daughter-in-law calls. The son any was, and it well held blow. Stated a regret for trouble which I had, told that the grandfather died from a cerebral hemorrhage. Funeral tomorrow there - that and in so many. How tomorrow? Yes, speaks, tomorrow - at the father-in-law everything was organized by him still during lifetime and the funeral house is already tied on church and a cemetery. Work.

It appears, at the old man everything was already paid: the will at the lawyer is stored, the place is bought, the volt (the cement box where the coffin is put - so under laws of our state - a coffin is impossible golyaky to the earth though there is it from platinum), is paid the funeral house and all funeral rituals: burial service in the temple, burial service at a grave, the third and ninth day, sorokovina and all mentions. Even the list invited to a funeral and commemoration at the Russian restaurant is stipulated. The person thoroughly prepared for death and quietly sank into oblivion. This instructive history for a priming.

And now we will begin about inevitable. As we plan the death as we care for our relatives. As we responsibly treat the section of property that there were no vessels - a gossip between brothers and sisters, children. As we give the chance to our relatives a heavy minute to poskorbet and stay in the grief, but not in shameful vanity and bustle.

To die - business expensive in any country. To be born cheaper. When grieving in a trance from a grief, from shock, znamo, take to the cleaners. But the USA - the country of pragmatists. Here it is accepted to do it during lifetime. How it becomes?

It is possible to walk on a cemetery and to choose for itself that corner where you will like to lie more eternally. It is possible to choose a monument fasonchik, to offer the text or to look at ready samples. Sometimes the coming relatives ask me why the mother`s cemetery costs empty, new it, perhaps? It is not new, it already bought up for the future. Waits for the dead men. The cemetery gives usually interest-free credit for purchase of places, installation of monuments, care of a grave, gardening, watering and change of flowers, an ukutyvaniye for winter of a grave by fir-tree paws, updates of bouquets for Christian holidays etc. as speak, You name it .

The funeral house will in details discuss funeral services and the prices, the menu of a snack table in the funeral hall with future dead man, quantity of candles, furniture of a coffin and clothes for deceased. Huge choice of coffins and ballot boxes, albums of flower designs. Scenarios of ritual of farewell are offered at choice.

The church offers the set of funeral and otpevalny services: with small or big chorus, with children`s chorus. Obits on a small or big rank. The funeral house coordinates payment for church service with the church authorities and allocates it with separate article that most to pay off church after carrying out ceremonies.

The person has an option to be buried voluntarily and to financial opportunities. Financing terms are always very flexible. If you do not manage to pay the credit up to the end and die before term, your successors are obliged to pay in addition for funeral services for the introduction in a right of succession.

Too on a pervost shook me from such cynicism, but over time and I arrived as all...

Bought on credit 4 places on a cemetery. At us then it was more senior than itself two, now there were we with the husband. We go to a cemetery to our dear and unforgettable mothers, they near lie, and here with them and our two already gotovenky places stand. Wait. But let still longer will not wait.

By the way when took in the lump at once 4 places, received a discount for the earth on 500 dollars for the place. This earth is my real estate and all grows in the price, as well as on light. I can sell, put, present it. Now each site costs already 2220, and we already paid the most part of cemeterial and funeral services.

We took care of our children preliminary wills. We took care that we will not involve them in unjustified expenditure after our death. Gravestones with date of birth and a hyphen are already ordered. Because our life - only is also a hyphen between two dates. And if the first - accident, then the second - inevitable regularity. And there is a wish to meet her voluntarily and to a discretion. It here we guests, and there to lie eternally. Why not to take care of it in strong memory and sensible mind during lifetime?

And in Russia it was so got. At each granny the mortal it was prepared. And the denyuzhka is postponed for a funeral. Grandfathers to themselves made sound domovina during lifetime. In families knew as in what where and whom the dead wanted to be near to buried. Our old men seriously approached a question of their burial. And how many songs obvyvalny and crying were.

It is regrettable that we are mortal. But we - are eternal. We will remain in our children. Also we plan our death for their benefit in advance. Because the death is a piece of our life and our terrestrial work. And it is necessary to make it also well, as well as the life on the earth.

Here so America (God Bless America!) prepares for death.

And you live long and happily and you love the children.