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Who are you, doctor Faust?

will be A little in the modern world of people who did not read or did not hear about existence of the tragedy Faust left from - under a feather of the great German poet Johann Wolfgang Goethe. The great national poet, the ardent patriot who is bringing up mankind in the spirit of humanity and boundless belief in the better future on our earth Goethe worked on the tragedy for 59 years ( Faust it is begun in 1772 and finished one year prior to death of the poet, in 1831). But very few people from us are familiar with background of the composition.

In 1480 in the city of Knitlingen Johann - George Faust was born. With young nails he is interested in occult knowledge. At the age of 25 years Faust appropriated a rank master also began to call itself the philosopher and head of necromancers . In 1507 according to the recommendation of the friend, knight Franz von Sikkingen (1481 - 1523) received the place of the school teacher in Kreytsnakh. Continuing studying a chernoknizhiya, he was forced to run from - for prosecutions of fellow citizens because he became to corrupt the pupils, indulging in mean defect .

Running from Kreytsnakh, Faust a long time traveled around Europe as the astrologer and the scientist, boasting of the art not only in doctoring, but also in a nigromantiya (chernoknizhiya), chiromancy, physiognomics and guessing on a crystal, bragging that can create all miracles of Jesus Christ or recreate Platon and Aristotle`s all works from depths of the knowledge if they sometime died for mankind. Faust in different years visited Gelngauzen, the Wurzburg, Hasfurt, Erfurt, Heidelberg and many other cities. There are certificates on its stay in Paris at court of the king Francis I in 1528 where Faust unsuccessfully tried to fly. Faust made an unsuccessful attempt of flight also in Venice where it is quite strong rasshibsya.

On infinite travel Faust raised the rank also began to be called as the doctor. In intervals between wanderings Faust tried the forces, teaching at universities, however steadily from there was expelled. The resolution of magistrate of the city of Ingolstadt ordering to doctor Faust to leave the city and to look for livelihoods in other place remained. Later doctor Faust was forced to flee also Wittenberg where its some time was suffered in vain hope that, having joined the doctrine prospering there he will regret and will improve until he ungirdled so that he was going to be put in prison. In general, imprisonment repeatedly threatened doctor Faust, but only the only time, in with Batenburge, it could not avoid this fate.

Historical chronicles kept for our time certificates magic miracles by means of a devil made by doctor Faust. So, Faust was accompanied everywhere by a dog behind a mask of whom, according to contemporaries, the devil disappeared. In Vienna doctor Faust devoured other magician. According to the story of the theologian Gust who had dinner with Faust in Big board in Basel once Faust gave to the cook to fry unknown birds who were not found in Basel and vicinities. By the way, in Batenburge Faust ended up in jail in a way shown to the city chaplain Johann Dorsten to remove a beard without razor therefore at the last not only hair dropped out, but at the same time and skin with meat descended.

Of course, now such miracles are easily explainable, but in the Middle Ages they made indelible impression on people. Author Tsimmersky chronicle in 1565 wrote that Faust for the life made so many wonderful cases that they will be enough for the composition of the whole treatise . In 1540 (according to some data in 1548) doctor Faust died during explosion in the laboratory in the homeland, in Knitlingena. Many contemporaries believed that dirty whom Faust always called kumanky destroyed him.

After death of doctor Faust his life was embodied in legends and national jokes, on this story several books were written, the national book " was first of which; Story about doctor Johann Faust, famous wizard and magician left in German in 1587 in Spiess`s edition, and the most known of which was Goethe`s tragedy Faust .

Now is in Knitlingena Faust`s Museum issuing the periodical Faustblatter .