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How to fall in love with itself and to live in harmony with itself?

Which of us does not want to wake up free, happy and natural, with love in eyes to himself and world around? To enjoy itself and all pleasures to the many-sided and carrying-away in novel life? Yes, to enjoy that you - the one and only, divine creation worthy the best.

Change itself, fall in love with yourself - and the world around you will change. We heard these words more than once. But whether so just to love itself? And why, hearing pejorative remarks in the address, we agree with them, taking everything personally?

Similar voices foreign grandmothers as if echoes of last childhood, throughout long time, and at times and all life, deprive of us pleasure to be oneself. Some kind of defensive system defending the sensual peace, but depriving of pleasure of the feeling " works; I . The love to itself sometimes is associated with love to us of other people.

Dependence on foreign opinion and an assessment is, perhaps, the main reason of our dislike. How to get rid from imposed to us from the outside of opinion on itself and to fall in love own I ? I want to offer you some councils, in my opinion only true as an exit from a big vital problem - dislike for that you, at last, remembered fascinating dance of life.

1. I am loved and appreciated so as far as I love and I appreciate myself . This phrase has to become the only correct motto of life on the way of love to itself. You will be able to become a source of pleasure and love.

2. Nobody is perfect. Remember words from the movie In the jazz only girls : At everyone the shortcomings . Fall in love with yourself it what is. Never allow to humiliate yourself.

3. Do not compare yourself to others. You are special and unique. To love itself - means to treat itself with love.

4. Accept the shortcomings: weaknesses in some situation can begin to shine more brightly than advantages.

5. Be improved: you always have a chance to become better. To love itself - means constantly to work on itself.

6. Do not think that others will think of you: they are anxious that you think of them. Form the positive opinion on yourself.

7. You praise yourself even for the smallest progress. Repeat to yourself: I am just a charm!

8. Act proceeding from the internal motives. Then there will be no feeling that did something against the will. Respect the thoughts, desires and dreams.

9. Try to make decisions independently. So you will be able to estimate own importance and independence.

10. Be oneself: you speak and do what you consider it necessary. At the same time, of course, without infringing upon interests of others.

And then at you the look will begin to sparkle, and the smile of happiness and love will begin to shine on your face, and you change directly in the eyes You will become a source of love, pleasure, light and force. You will begin to live in harmony with yourself. Here you will see, at you everything will turn out! You will become the most beautiful on light. It is necessary just to be in a harmony with by itself. Both with, and with world around.

Be improved and look for yourself! Having only understood in to itself, we will be able to accept ourselves. To love itself and to enjoy pleasure of life also naturally to the person as flight of a bird in the sky. This world for you, this life for you, so, and love - for you!