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What it is possible to find in cabbage? Cucumbers and tomatoes!

It is known that find children in cabbage, especially, if there also storks. I found you in cabbage. Why so speak? From - for cucumbers. And yes here cucumbers, I will tell now.

It is landed cucumber seedling in hotbeds or to the soil in the spring - where as. It is necessary to do it at four leaves at least. We land seedling of cucumbers in holes through 50 centimeters, we alternate every third sapling one bush of seedling of cabbage (it is possible in 2 leaves). Oh, it is careful with backs. There they will be 2 - 3. Weaklings still!

Root part we try to arrange in a hole obliquely or lying the back had an opportunity to give as much as possible root layers (the same concerns tomato and any other seedling). It`s done, we look after and we wait for a harvest of cucumbers. Our cabbage peacefully grows among cucumbers. And what to it it will be become? We behind it look that the tops of vegetable of cucumbers did not muffle it. We enjoy fresh cucumbers, them hrumkay, but we glance when forks already strives to twist. There comes that moment of hit of children in cabbage. Garden Kama Sutra. we Take

carefully a layer of a cucumber lash, we find on it a small gherkin and accurately we place it inside not created a cabbage fork yet. And further everything goes under the own steam: the cucumber in pregnant cabbage continues to grow, forks continues to twist.

Usually when to fall of forks it was already created, the tops of vegetable withers in itself, and a cucumber already densely it was packed inside fork. By this time your cucumber harvest season is, as a rule, finished, the tops of vegetable is removed from beds and laid in a compost pit for the future on the next summer. At you on a bed only the cabbage sits now, and waits for the time. Time comes, and you reap the long-awaited cabbage harvest, take down in a cellar. Store pregnant heads of cabbage by the piece in string-bags in the suspended look till Christmas.

Try to keep a surprise a secret from children. And here on a holiday family table for children the fresh, elastic head of cabbage is solemnly taken out. Accurately you make an incision a head of cabbage to the center in two - three places, you break and... attention! Under shouts and squeal of children you take crackling, fresh it is bright - a green cucumber! The delight on muzzles of children costs your efforts and fuss.

And to show off before adult guests with your pickles, I offer the ancient recipe smorodinny cucumbers: you pickle, as usual you do it, in 3-liter jars, but instead of water use freshly squeezed juice and alburnum of red currant, salt - sugar (sugar in that case has less, currant will give the), spices to taste, for fidelity one tabletochka of aspirin (or lemon acid on a knife tip. Or half-glasses of vodka, but I for aspirin, it does not influence taste). You fill in with the boiling marinade, you will pasteurize, you twist, you overturn to bank upside down and under towels you store banks before full cooling of the center of a bottom.

Your cucumbers turn out red color inside and outside, have absolutely unique taste and aroma, and, I assure you at anybody such is not present! Expensively and currants it is a pity, it is better to feed to children, but do not stint one such jar. Currant it is possible to replace with garnet juice , it is already just culinary snobbery. And it is tasty - that as! Highlight of the program!

One more ancient juicy way, but already salting - cucumbers in cucumbers . Trouble of all gardeners - overages - zheltyak. Well, one - two on seeds, and the rest to throw out? - grind Not carcasses overages on a large grater and in this weight you salt to yourself in pleasure your cucumbers though cold though in the hot way who as loves. But your pickles of cucumbers in cucumbers (more true, in the ground cucumber weight), believe, will be a good surprise on any holiday table. From the remained ground weight it is possible to cook cucumber Polish soup, something like our sour Russian cabbage soup.

Sekretik on an ear: before any salting or pickling it is necessary to keep cucumbers, bush pumpkins, vegetable marrows, zucchini for a hrumkost 6 hours (no more) in cold water. Never salt cucumbers in a warm view directly from a bed. Cool in water if you do not want to soak. At a zasalivaniye for the purpose of receiving fresh-salted cucumbers cut off buttocks more deeply and make several punctures. For preservation of green color quickly scald on a sieve boiled water.

And utreshny cucumbers ? Since evening of 1 kg of cucumbers, a greenfinch, dushistik (currant, horse-radish, a melissa, a basil), garlic throw in a cellophane package + 1 tablespoon of salt and 2 teaspoons to sugar. Densely twirl a sack, stir up. You have fresh-salted cucumbers in the morning. Salt - large, pickling, not extra and not kosher.

And cucumbers with a candle? Never heard? Preservation with a candle is just that case when cucumbers have to be directly from a bed and absolutely dry. It is not necessary to wash, to wipe with a napkin. To sterilize a 3-liter jar 20 minutes. Then the usual stearin candle is inserted into a dry can, around it dry cucumbers keep within. You light a candle for 10 minutes, you extinguish a candle, you close a metal cover and you sterilize the jar of 10 more minutes. To bank in a cellar also glance: no more than 3 - 4 months are stored.

Still sposobets of dry preservation - cucumbers in " eggs;: a fruit stem to leave longer, to dunk a firm dry cucumber into the beaten egg white and a pin to suspend in a cellar on a rope. About New year will make up the weight. And if children skhrumkat your cucumber from cabbage, then with an egg cucumber it is possible to continue games for adults. Game: one guest clamps a cucumber between knees, others try to pull out it knees. The winner cuts a cucumber in half and there is a game on the second circle, and so to the bitter end.

Tomatoes are not found in cabbage, but you love salty tomatoes? Then receive retseptik Tomatoes in cucumbers .

In the middle of August when it is still full of cucumbers, tomatoes just begin to get sick with a white mold. At this stage of vegetation it is better not to risk a harvest, and to remove vprozelen and to leave to reach in old newspapers. Or to salt the same poluzrelka in cucumber weight. You fill in with a cold or hot brine from grated overages. Here do not feel sorry for currant foliage and garlic. I slightly puncture tomatoes for uniformity of salting. (Tomatoes very much need copper. I advise in a trunk in the early period of vegetation to thrust a piece of a copper wire. Then the plant well resists to a white mold.)

Tomatoes love a grass of lyubistka, a melissa, mint, a basil, cilantro, a leek, parsley greens, a carnation and even cardamom. They easily incorporate aromas of herbs from a brine. I serve tomatoes salty in a bag from a leaf of fresh lettuce - and juice will not have a shower bath, and together they - a beautiful chord. And if, God forbid, also to insert a small floret from shaving of a marinated bush pumpkin or a cucumber into the center of salty tomato, then it also is devilishly beautiful and ikebanisto.

Bon appetit and more cucumber finds in cabbage!