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How to choose and buy a dog?

you want to buy a dog. Your desire is quite clear and deserves a praise. However whether you are sure that you rather seriously thought over this question? The dog is not a thing which can be bought in shop and to return back. What needs to be meant, choosing a dog? What life you lead? Who will be engaged in a dog in your absence? Do not forget that the dog needs to be fed in certain hours and if you live in the city then and to bring to the street 3 - 4 times a day, both in good weather, and in bad. , your apartment or the house are How spacious? Depends on it what size the dog can be got. Large dogs need the big area for movement. Further it is necessary to estimate the family budget. The expenses connected with keeping of a dog for a family with the small income, to put it mildly, will be notable. What dog to buy? It is good if you manage to consult at the specialist in breed taking a neutral position. Upon purchase of a puppy be convinced that he is healthy. Temperature of his body should not exceed 39 degrees (normal temperature of 38,2 - 38,6 degrees). It is also necessary to find out what vaccination to it was already done and what else should be made. Upon purchase of any breed of dog should consider her temperament whether it will suit you? It is especially extremely important modern or former profession breeds, because the vast majority of breeds - the toilers who are specially created for a certain service. Hunting dogs will not be able to hunt in city conditions. The spiteful guard dog in the house whose doors are constantly open for guests is it is unlikely pertinent. If the person needs the four-footed bodyguard, then it is necessary to choose among breeds, especially for it created, but not to change a St. Bernard in the misanthrope. The person and his dog are happy only when they on the present suit one another! Successful to you choice!!!