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Preved, krosafcheg. Let`s talk on - Albanian?

how many the convicting and abusive articles were written on the subject Albanian language, and all for nothing. Popularity of this language which is given rise by subculture padonkaff a few years ago, not only does not fall, but also grows not on days. In what the reasons of so high popularity Albanian ? And is it terrible? I will try to make several observations from the narrow-minded point of view.

About two years ago my eyes were rounded at casual getting to some forums. I began to suspect that participants (more true, uchasneg ) a forum about something talk with each other. Only the thread of their conversation was not given me in any way. From time to time even it became offensive somehow. No, you do not think that I absolutely dark and the ignoramus. More than a half of words were identified by me. On them the brand of a terrible errative, t only lay. e separate words were simply deformed, but to recognition. The others did not make in general any sense, in my modest understanding. Set of letters! - I thought, nevertheless feeling slightly defectively.

There passed not a lot of time. One my very good acquaintance sent me article beginning the word preved . This simple and fashionable the greeting marked the beginning of researches for me. It is time to get acquainted closer with Albanian! - I thought. The first acquaintance happened on Wikipedia website on the advice of the familiar programmer. In their environment it is most extended by Albanian . I was excited after acquaintance with the " dictionary ; padonkaff . It appeared, some terms Albanian , for example, word glamourous , would enter my speech besides understanding of their origin Everything was good

, and my nervousness had no such acuity any more until I heard a speech of one of commentators of the known sports channel. During a live broadcast of competitions in biathlon (it is well-known that commentators are especially excited and have to show care in operating time on the air), I heard which - that stunning. And it could not but not afflict to a certain extent in any way.

What I heard? I apologize if I quote not literally, but I will try to reflect most precisely structure and sequence of expression of feelings of the commentator. One of biathlonists of the friendly country (and we, as we know, do not have others) showed unfavourable results in one of firing lines. Joyful exclamation of the commentator " was reaction; As now it is fashionable to speak, the author of firing, kill yourself about a wall! . I stiffened with an open mouth. What it is necessary to think? Padonki the Internet, television took what`s next?

It was not final shock. And the cartoon serial " became final; Mind net one of heroes of which was notorious medical Veda - the hero of the picture of the American artist of the present J. Lurie " which is dexterously adopted and corrected by geeks; Bear Surprise , seemingly, become the integral attribute and standing at sources of origin Albanian .

I want to say yes which - that to the authors abusing this language as generation of subculture. Not to get to from the facts anywhere. Albanian underwent transformation and got a set of the directions, having strongly borrowed nishuv to speech culture of the present. A great number of cultural and solid people use the " elements ; Albanian in the daily speech. And, I think, there is nothing terrible in expressions In the five! In ten! The first! The author burns down! or even To go nuts! Give two! each person can and has the right to establish for itself some framework of decency in any area of culture or communication.

Yes, actually, maybe, and nothing, you will tell. Yes here only not to hide illiteracy behind an errative - and the youth already succeeded in it. Not to lose true words which for centuries were appreciated by our ancestors and served for expression of the most different feelings - from love to hatred. And if you want to show respect, advancement and erudition, without losing face, then do not write rispegd . Make it yours faithfully to the interlocutor and pure languages. Respect! And, having repeated it is not once, be sure that sometime receive instead of errative Krosafcheg! primordially Russian Handsome man! Isn`t that so, the second is more beautiful? Good luck to you in communication!