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Who such collectors or What our debts threaten us with?

If you passed an installment on the credit or ran into debt for communication services to mobile network operator, then you have an opportunity to get acquainted with collectors personally. Collectors are a staff of the collection agency which is engaged in return of debts from the population and the organizations.

No, it not rough knocking-out of debts with use of force and threats. There is everything rather in a civilized way, but it is very serious and convincing. For a start specialists of collection agencies collect available information on the debtor, about his property and financial state, check its data provided by the creditor.

Then carry out notifying attack by means of paper and electronic media (e - mail, the SMS - messages, mail) with requirements soon to extinguish the collected amount of debt. Come into contact with the debtor, lead discussion. If necessary use also other levers of influence. At last, the bigger effect, than several negotiations with the defaulter directly can conceive one conversation with the chief, colleagues, friends, relatives, with the mother-in-law.

If the held events do not make due influence, collection agencies pass to the following step of the work - to judicial collecting. The staff of collection agency whom professional lawyers are among prepare statements of claim and other accompanying documents, and also are the client`s representatives - the creditor in court. Trial, a judgment, and also execution of a sentence on compulsory collection of debt are controlled by the staff of collection agencies.

It is necessary to remember that the purpose of work of collection agency is the actual return of debts as the reward of collectors depends on percent of the returned sum. Therefore intention of collectors to bring the matter on return of debts assigned to them is not subject to doubt.

Kollektorstvo is rather new business in Russia. However it is not necessary to say that it is a little developed. Today there is very fair number of collection agencies. Collectors are not only graduates of legal educational institutions, but also professional economists, financiers, analysts, security guards and, of course, psychologists.

Professional collection agencies are the developed network in regions giving invaluable help on places. This and close cooperation with private detective agencies allowing to avoid serious claims from law enforcement agencies. It and the automation of work guaranteeing fast and accurate work of office.

Besides, the collection companies render services in the prevention of debts. Check of solvency and timeliness of repayment of the previous loans of the potential borrower, and also assessment of credit risks - chastoreshayemy problems of collectors.

Therefore be attentive, accurately you pay bills, once having spoiled yourself credit history, it is possible to fall into disgrace for a long time. Do not forget - one good turn deserves another!