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What is necessary the capital to write Capital or That for a fly bit K. Marx?

on October 1, 1867, 140 years ago, the first volume of the book which it is free was published or involuntarily doomed the globe to terrible experiment as a powerful cyclone blew over the planet, having infected millions of people with aspiration to destroy the whole world of violence to the basis . And then Then one had to react all the time as now it is accepted to speak on threats and calls, and to others to throw firewood in the center of the smoldering war Perhaps, no other book caused such a tsunami in minds and souls of people, having become without exaggeration the Bible of communism.

Very few people know that Marx gave to the child 40 years of life - from 1843 to 1883. As the beginning of work it is possible to consider that period when 25 - summer Karl for the first time felt Bruce all-powerful ended with a victory with summer of 1843 it 8 - summer fight by a hand 29 - to summer Zhenni von Westfalen, the heart it was won much earlier. How many nerves and blood it was necessary in this ruthless fight that it cost to the family, only God knows. In any case, neither Marx`s father, nor the father Zhenni till this day lived, and both mothers waved on mad lovers a hand.

Whether knew Zhenni what expects her in the future? I think that and in a dreadful dream it though it had an opportunity could not come in dream to it in 8 years to recognize the beloved up and down. But glance it at least for about ten years forward, to her look the terrifying picture would open. Who could think that to it, the offspring of a rich and eminent sort, it is necessary to learn to tell the juvenile crumbs the unique phrase: There is no Mister Marx the house to the stranger who came to the house. This person quite could be the judicial performer or just the creditor demanding to repay immediately a debt.

Surprising poverty and poverty of a family Marksov for a long time not an open secret for those who though studied the biography of the founder of Marxism-Leninism a little. And Zhenni had presentiments. Not for nothing it in 1844, having brought the newborn daughter to Trier to show to mother and the mother-in-law, flatly refused to come back to Karl to Paris. Its first labor in 30 - summer age developed too hard, and she seriously was afraid that she will not manage to return to the husband as again it will appear in the family way. He finished it as he could, swearing what will be from now on more attentive to health of the wife. And it all did not go. And as in water looked - on arrival right there and became pregnant - the Moor made the business

For now Zhenni idled in the homeland, fatal acquaintance 26 - summer Marx with 24 - summer Engels, the son of the rich manufacturer owning weaving mills took place. Guys so were pleasant each other, found in themselves very much the general that grew to each other not worse, than Siamese twins. Marx literally was thrilled with with what enthusiastic eyes his more young friend devours. On it it could to fulfill any theories, Friedrich was always a grateful listener.

Soon they began collaboration, and Engels often played a role carrier of shells looking for in libraries all that it was possible to adjust to the theory built by Marx. One of the most program documents became Manifesto of Communist party created in 1848. It was year of revolutionary shocks in Europe. Paris, Vienna, Budapest, Rome, Berlin, other European capitals raged though practically revolution did not equal hopes anywhere. As Engels will brightly tell then: The People praised by the fact that made revolution were always convinced the next day that they did not know that they did, - that the made revolution is not similar at all to that which they wanted to make .

In 1849 Marx moved to London, where as he hoped, the following revolution had to here - to begin here. Engels appeared in England, at weaving mill of the father in Manchester too. Both were strongly disappointed when hopes for fast revolution were not equaled. Prudish British did not want with shout " in any way; Ur to embody idea of two German philosophers in practice.

Both Karl, and Friedrich perfectly understood that they could not reach hearts, and therefore decided to bring more thorough economic basis under the doctrine. In total 50 - e years Karl persistently studied various economic theories, without leaving on them a stone on a stone that on these remains to erect something special, new. There is no need to list all works which came out from - under its feather. But unless something that costed exists would like one teardrop of the child? Marx in a pursuit over implementation of the dream often could not provide to the children more or less tolerable life. Four of seven children of Marx died in the childhood. From three survived children two committed suicide later. Even somehow the hand is not raised to put against one bowl of scales Capital and on another the deformed destinies of children.

Freddie Demut, the illegitimate son of Marx and the servant of their family Lenkhen became the only child who felt more or less comfortably. But also that because Engels, this the companion, noble from the most noble, took sin Marx on itself, having assured Zhenni that it he was involved in the child`s birth. And to dispel the remains of doubts, Friedrich adopted him. By the way, Freddie endured all children of Marx we will answer with

A both questions put in heading now. In order that Capital it turned out, it is better not to have it in general. As Marx. If not the help of the friend, he, most likely, should not write this most Capital .

And the second - the fly who bit Marx is thirst of revolution which could turn the history course, having put destiny hourglasses upside down. And then the formula " by all means would work; Who was nothing, that will become everything! And, respectively, the capital which filtered as water in a seine, would pour down from above the fountain