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How to carry out water procedures for kids?

Why the hardening is necessary?

the Water hardening makes the most powerful impact on an organism. Reaction to the lowered temperature consists of three phases. The first is an angiospasm of skin. The second - adaptation to low water temperature: reddening of skin, lowering of arterial pressure, mobilization of all systems of an organism; is followed by increase in activity and improvement of health. The third - a possible posineniye of skin, a fever. At a systematic hardening the first phase quickly flows in the second, and the third does not come at all, as is a main goal. The element of a hardening can be brought in such usual procedures as washing and bathing.

What has to be temperature?

Temperature of the general bathtub should be lowered gradually, beginning from 37 - 36 C. The first change - at the end of procedure. Following bathtub fixes the passable temperature. It is possible to pour over the child water 2 - 3 C lower the main. Or to use effect cold spot : when cold water runs a stream in a full bathtub, the child is placed for a while in a cool zone. Very effectively damp rubdown. It is possible to repeat this procedure at each change of clothes. At first rub off only hands and legs, then - all body. Then the child wipe dry and dress.

At contrast douche the child costs near mother or the father. It is even better if they have a shower bath together, then the kid sees that him do not torment . Throw cold water the sharp movement, from a bucket or a bucket, previously having warned the kid: Time - two - three! Before procedure the body surely has to be warmed in a heat bath or a bath - only then it is possible to gain the tempering effect, but not cold. The statistics shows that the contrast hardening in a year reduces a SARS at kids by 3,5 times! Especially the hardening is useful for the children having ekssudativny diathesis (heat is contraindicated to them at all).

Most harmless contrast douche of legs is. In general, legs - a fine indicator of a condition of the child. That is why it is so important that the kid went barefoot more. On soles the mass of the biological points connected with all organism. Massing them, we influence this or that body. It is not necessary to panic at once if handles or legs of your child cold, and the child is cheerful. Remember animals: when those go on snow or hot sand, small pillows of their paws accept surface temperature. As soon as the child`s legs really begin to freeze, the organism will give the " command; to include the general heating . Long carrying footwear only ruins the reliable natural mechanism and that will gradually atrophy, in crisis situations does not work. From there are consequences: had wet feet - cold.

For a body, soul and an entertainment? Children like to stir

legs in water. As soon as the baby begins to creep, install two basins in the room: one with warm, another with cold water. Lower the kid to the middle of a shin in turn in one, in other basin. In hot weather it is possible to pass only to cold. You will see how many pleasures and pleasures to your child will be given by this procedure. Especially, if in a basin to start a toy.

The tempering effect of the Russian bath is widely known. Visiting her, it is necessary to follow the rule heating - cooling - rest . At first children should be in a sweating room 3 - 5 min. Later they will let know when will be enough - kids can begin to complain or reach handles for a door. Gradually the number of calling a steam room increase to 4 - 5. In a bath often on the heated stones pour water with addition of herbs (mint, a sage, an eucalyptus, needles of a fir-tree). But it is necessary to consider individual shipping of this or that means.

Also the hardening only cold is known. But supporters of such method much less, than all previous. It is jog barefoot on snow, bathing in ice water within 1 - 5 min., morzhevaniye among ice. Not everyone is solved on it. Not everyone knows what rules need to be followed in extreme conditions. Preliminary consultation with the doctor is necessary.

Summary: Summing up of

the results, there is a wish to emphasize once again that the hardening is a package of measures for strengthening of immunity children`s (and the adult) an organism. The earlier to begin, the better. Procedures should not be single, otherwise they lose meaning. The hardening has to become a way of life, only then it is possible to gain the maximum effect.

Good luck!