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How to create the successful business? Method of a birdie of Taree. Part 2.

The Main rule of success - violation of the rules!

(In my opinion - Donald Trump. Though I can be mistaken.)

And here I will tell you a story about the successful beginning of the business. You remember an animated cartoon about a kind birdie of Taree? Old animated cartoon such, times Soviet still.

Who does not remember, shortly I retell. Once upon a time there was an angry Crocodile whom all did not love and of were afraid because he was well very angry. And here, there was at the Crocodile a trouble, teeth ached. Suffers, poor, and nobody helps it. There are no fools! The Crocodile - that angry. Can eat. And only the kind birdie of Taree cured it, cleaned to a crocodile teeth, having in passing taken everything that was between teeth. Ball, there, something else. But also contracted to brush teeth to an angry Crocodile regularly.

The animated cartoon on it comes to an end. And here, as I think what was then. The birdie of Taree began to brush teeth not only to one Crocodile, and and all other crocodiles in the district. Employed workers, organized profitable business. Still, and roof oho - go and communications among predators are sometimes useful. It is necessary to expand business! In breadth. To a leopard there, or to Hyena can too it is necessary Something that teeth did not hurt

generally, business goes uphill, a birdie for her kindness, and, above all, ingenuity and courage, is rendered on full!

But in each fairy tale only a fairy tale share And all the rest - byl. And if you think of how to make business follow very simple rules.

1. At first decide what business to you to liking. Without it any business will not go !

2. Then look narrowly as this business all do .

3. Also make on the contrary!

Think as well as who can make non-standard service or to sell non-standard goods. Or it is non-standard to sell standard goods, not so, as all . Or not to volume, lump in total . Or

So you calculate very narrow niche which was missed by these in total .

It is possible to fill such niche very quickly and if who tries to be put there, resources it will already be required much more. Sometimes on orders. In tens, hundreds, thousands of times. But, even if the most powerful competitor will come to your niche that is very improbable, nothing else will remain to him as this niche to expand, than and you will be able to use. With very high probability.

By the way, read memoirs, autobiographies and others success stories very rich people. Billionaires. These are people who very much and very different, and do business in absolutely different areas by absolutely different methods.

But They are united by one! Aristotle Onassis, Bill Gates, Donald Trump and other were engaged at the beginning of the meteoric career in the fact that they broke standard rules of business . Therefore they also became billionaires!

Then when their methods began to copy hundreds, thousands, millions of followers, these violations became standard rules of business . Only these billions rules did not bring any more. So, pathetic tens of millions, and then and that are less. And when so began to do in total and money began not to be enough for all

So if you conceive idea on which you wish to build the successful business, be guided by the following simple rules.

1. Business has to be business which brings you pleasure! If so, so you know specifics of this business and are ready to work very much and many! This work gives you Pleasure. Wow!

2. Study how this business all do . Methods, rules, clients, in, the general, the more the better. All straight line and indirect information what you will be able only to get!

3. And now think how to make it as nobody does. Think up idea, think over and develop its. On the basis of collected information make the plan and the approximate estimate of expenses. Increase a total amount by two. No, three better. No, on five, going there where nobody goes, it is necessary to be insured stronger, than on the populous street. Think still. Perhaps still information is necessary. And can

4. To pull in any case! Begin! In process of the beginning quickly correct errors and you find new ideas. At the same time do not throw away money, try to optimize (to cut down) any expenses. If you act not as all it will also be your best advertizing. And you will get clients not such as all! Monetary! I hope

Dare! And Good luck. It now very much is useful to you!