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How to create the successful business? Method of a birdie of Taree. Part 1.

The Paradoxical decision also is, as a rule, the most correct.

(Someone from great mathematicians. But approaches almost for all occasions.)

Who from stooping ours (and bourgeois - Asian, African etc.) workers, i.e. working on hiring of 8 (9, 10, 12 and more) hours in day for a modest salary do not dream of the business? At least secretly. Here to send the chief, to tear with this monkey work, and then to come by the brand new car, to come for the former work and to look haughtily at the colleagues. Eh, here I will make - I But only here that? Yes something that money was. Yes it is more!

Of course, many, having thought so, right there hide back in a shell, but some also begin. But as! Most of my acquaintances, burned through in business, told the same scheme. It is the " supersystem; as to burn through either quickly, or very quickly, or very much - very quickly .

This story (with small variations) approximately so sounds.

Here I look, the neigbour of candy, cookies, cakes sells Confectionery, generally. (Goods or service can be the most different here.) On wholesale base buys, at us in the market sells. (Business methods too the most different.) It seems it turns out. Recently car (apartment, house, giving etc.) bought new. Money, so goes good. And... Well, it is not cleverer than me, it precisely! I, of course, was never engaged in it, know, I (there is a transfer of professions, abilities, regalia with that business which supposes to engaged either in any way, or very much - are very poorly connected) I here too learned the prices, probed the soil and that, a gain decent. Here also decided to be engaged too. Counted everything (business - the plan made). Borrowed money (obtained the credit), in the market (office) rented the place. Well, it seems made everything as all. The range (goods, services), as at all, not worse! Did it seems, all as all. And burned through . I will not understand itself why? It seems correctly did everything as all.

Also the person back gets the former or new job where there is a stability, social guarantees and prospect of personnel growth . Sits quietly, the place holds. And if gives a hint at increase (in a position or a salary), so the administration tsiknt: Again in business you want, the businessman is lousy! . The person - that not the, not " systems;. Twitched here! Let keeps at a distance! He (this person) pulls in the head in shoulders, and sits quietly. Does not twitch. Even is afraid to think of new attempt!

So this person made incorrectly? The answer is unambiguous here. In total!

Business which it began, pleasures does not bring. Work only. It is a lot of - a lot of work. The person more, than at the recent work, many times turns! Is tired vusmert! Competitors press. Specifics are unknown. And a devil always in trifles!

Money if goes, then only covers expenses. And, if suddenly there is something, the person gets to such hole of which any more not to get out. Or it is worth being chosen so much! Money for contingencies, as a rule, is not saved, or there is not enough what was postponed. And nerves, and health

Of course, it is possible to adopt methods, to learn where and that is cheaper with instances and bandits to agree that tore up, but on - acceptable etc. It is possible in general the project on the Internet to begin! Expenses will be almost zero!

But if you do serious work unknown to you as all these in total also will be your competitors. Direct competitors! And the competitors who were more advanced, than you, a beginner new and unknown.

Generally as it is not necessary to do, you, I hope, already understood. And how it is necessary? We will talk about it in the second part.