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Why speak about Yury Lyubimov: From the Gipsy to Taganka ?

on September 30, 1917, 90 years ago, in a family of the trade employee Pyotr Lyubimov the son who was named Yury was born. While the father was at work, mother invited to the house of Gipsies. One of them having attentively looked at the baby also uttered the phrase which became prophetical: Its way Will be long, it will become the big chief, but once it will be expelled to return .

Most often happens that the prophecy of the Gipsy is nothing else as the material program which subordinates to itself all future of the person. It is a peculiar code to the future, that is why I never give the hand for guessing and I do not seek to learn the future by means of a coffee thick.

Whether Pyotr Lyubimov learned about this prophecy? Even if yes, he nothing could make that any more. In - the first, a parcel Its way " Will be long; by any father it is perceived as a good omen. In - the second if by and large, Pyotr doubted what destiny is possible to track . As you will build everything, and will be.

In this plan for Pyotr the father was a sample. The ordinary serf who was released from landowner servitude by the well-known decree of 1861. To work it was accustomed since the childhood, did not suffer idleness and laziness, observing all instructions of belief very strictly. These qualities it was very much appreciated by fellows villager, and often happened, resolved all the issues through Lyubimov.

And here the son, Petrukha, grew up not it what expected him to see the father. Too it was independent. And, having fallen in love with the Gipsy, ran away with her without favoring of parents. However, there was enough mind not to remain in a camp, and to lead quite settled life. In the provincial city of Yaroslavl. Running in capital fellows villager retold to the father supposedly your son got a job in trading company. Here only behaves in a queer way: buys books by tens, reads - does not read but only at it already these books milyon .

Of course, about milyona there was an obvious excess, but for Yury Lyubimov library of the father with fine editions on modern and ancient history, sketches of travel, fairy tales - became the most expensive gift. Here he learned the world. Let and book, let such far from real life.

And life was very severe. In 1922 the family moved to Moscow. The father worked by trade part again, mother got pedagogical education and got a job at school the teacher. And then the grandfather whom " also joined a family; dispossessed in the native village near Yaroslavl. So the long offense between the father and the son thawed by itself.

From children`s impressions to Yury Lenin`s funeral were especially remembered. The brother was ideological, the Komsomol member, here and dragged 6 - summer Yurka with himself. Ice icy cold, never-ending flow of people, tears, sobbings, talk on what will be farther. Obviously, the brother lifted it on shoulders that it was visible.

But I caught myself on thought: what long has to be human life to remember Lenin`s funeral

As Pyotr Lyubimov was considered as a bourgeois, his family automatically was included in the category lishenets that is the deprived many rights. As Lyubimov remembers, could even forbid to end a ten-year school. That is why girlfriends of mother advised it: let the son go to working. So its seniority reckoned in 1931 when Yury was 14 years old. And the first debut on a scene fell on 1933. And, the guy tried not to miss any performance of Konstantin Sergeyevich Stanislavsky. Though he hardly imagined then what to live in conditions of general suspiciousness to the real talent.

Here only one episode from that time. Once Stalin arrived to the Moscow Art Theatre and invited in Stanislavsky`s box. Something is boring at you - there began a leader. And all suite immediately began to reproach Konstantin Sergeyevich as supposedly he dares to put such boring performances. And Stalin kept silent and finished: in an interval . And all right there began to praise the turned pale Stanislavsky. And how many life and nerves took away this small episode from the great director?

Today, in day 90 - Yury Lyubimov`s anniversary, probably, will not be any radio - or a television channel on which would not tell about Yury Petrovich. And therefore I will not stop on its roles in cinema and theater, about the well-known statements. I will tell only one: as well as mother`s girlfriend, the Gipsy predicted, he lives long life, became the art director on Taganka, and then suddenly suddenly, with the stroke of the pen the Secretary general of the Central Committee of CPSU Konstantin Chernenko, was deprived of the Soviet nationality. How many Chernenko was at top? Only a few months. But managed to offend Lyubimov

Return of the maestro home was already at Gorbachev. And what! Out of any doubts, its wanderings on the abroad (the son Petya in 10 years replaced 28 schools in the different countries of the world) added many bright paints to a creative palette of the director. When habitual borders, at the person are moved apart, the third eye figuratively speaking opens. And then from many secrets as if covers break

to Imagine Taganka without Lyubimov all the same that space without Gagarin, a tribune of the UN without boot, the gripped Khrushchev, or Red Square without St. Basil`s Cathedral. And in 90 - the anniversary of the maestro wants to be asked for those who were going to sing the praises loudly in his address: keep his hearing, let`s the person stay alone with itself. The best gift on anniversary, apparently, does not exist