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How to marry, without knowing how to cook, or the biggest shame in my life.

the Shame, a shame, and differently

I was 23 years old in any way, before I nothing am heavier than a computer mouse and the handle did not lift, and on kitchen came only for eating.

I very much loved semi-finished products, chips, instant macaroni and had poor vision how to cook elementary porridge, soup or fried potato.

Certainly, it does not do credit to either me, or my mother which, being able practically all and being a good hostess, taught me to nothing. For it my study, my estimates and my, so to speak, internal development were main. She very much wanted to marry me, but here which she - what did not consider - she will be married to me oh as difficult.

In twenty three years I also got acquainted with the future husband. He lived with the neighbor on the rental apartment. What they ate, it was difficult to call food. But in twenty eight they tested sharp thirst for house food and comfort. Somehow I very quickly managed to understand it. But the understanding is only the beginning of process of familiarizing me to work.

Nonsenses which you should not repeat.

1. I persistently tried to hide my inability. Tried to look super - a puper - the hostess with big skills in the field of cooking. To the husband it is still ridiculous, he perfectly saw everything. If guests came and celebrated any holiday, I constantly represented ability, said that I can do everything though sat with Recipe-book of the idler Darya Dontsova on knees.

2. Infinitely translated products because it turned out sometimes only from the third attempt, it was a shame to show that prepared tastelessly. If meat needs to be rolled in with egg in the beginning, and then in flour, then for me the understanding of it reached far not at once. Rolled at first in flour, then in egg, did weight of eggs and torments... I constantly put too much salt, rice of a razvarival. Late for me reached that rice and buckwheat should be washed out before cooking, and macaroni it is not necessary.

3. Undertook difficult dishes with expensive ingredients from colourful recipe-books at once. It is initially doomed to failure and simply obliged to come to grief. Constantly tried to make something like pork turned sour - sweet in pineapple sauce, liked to spend money for products which is difficult for getting, and everything turned out not all that well!

What is just praiseworthy.

It, probably, one - eagerness to new business and aspiration to learn. I bought tons of recipe-books, tested recipes of the colleagues and girlfriends and tried to master those dishes which are just loved by my elect.

In what I was lucky?

1. So it happened that the girl of the neighbor was not able even to open cans therefore I managed to play on cheap contrast with the commitment.

2. Future husband fell in love with me at once therefore he was VERY patient.

3. I had a lot of free time on my culinary exercises, the working day allowed me it.

Did not do also without scandals, unwillingness are also my tears, but it already then when moved down from neighbors, and the first months of our joint life of steel for me a continuous culinary nightmare.

Once towards evening the husband asked to make toasts, it turned out again - only from the third attempt and I sobbed as cut, over such simple dish. Now it is ridiculous to remember, but I put pieces of a roll on a frying pan, filled in them with egg and salted though toasts - a sweet dish.

The second time when the husband is did not become, I made them sweet, but put on a frying pan with sunflower oil. It too in itself is silly, they should be fried on creamy. I in general were not good pancakes in any way, could not turn them, it was a constant problem.

Before guests I, fortunately, did not manage to be dishonored, all ate because prepared only all the simplest, like chicken, fish fried and salatik therefore all even considered me as the good hostess.

But now I bake, I cook, I extinguish, I stuff, I roll up jars and I prepare the most different tasty dishes even if also not simple.

Despite all my difficulties, my mother considers that her education was only true though, in my opinion, the most important was missed. We often argue with mother on how it would be correct.

As a result of all aforesaid there is a wish to tell one - you should not repeat mistakes of my and similar parents because in marriage education, scientific degree and the number of the read books do not matter. It not the main thing. The adjusted life is necessary, the cosiness, tasty healthy food, but the frozen semi-finished products from hypermarkets is hungry nobody. And the child has to be acquainted with economy from the early childhood, it is a contribution to its future family life.