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Whether and the luxury is a lodge by the sea?...

Once and phrase the car - not luxury, but a vehicle it was said more with evidential intonation, than was ascertaining of the fact. And what? Now the car - point in the list of necessary purchases. One more point - rest abroad. Well, and the one who once tried to stop already difficult. And it is possible to equip still more conveniently, besides, with benefit for himself: to buy real estate in the country of the Schengen area, for example, in Spain.

What it will give? Here some of opportunities:

In - the first, fine rest in the country with fine climate. There is both a sea, and mountains, and valleys with natural sources and golf courses, and islands with almost constant temperature in the winter, and in the summer.

Expansion of your opportunities for travel. Spain the country in itself who can be recognized infinitely and which will always strike. At the same time the owner of real estate has the annual multivisa allowing not to spend time for expectation in Consulate, and at desire allowing to visit any other state of the Schengen area - it is possible to go easily and cheap there and from Spain. The real estate in Spain does not limit an opportunity, and expands them!

Preservation of the capital, and at desire - and enhancement. Spain - the European state where appreciate and respect a private property. Real estate prices were stabilized, but, nevertheless, the tendency of growth by 10% a year remains. You are not spent for hotels, permits, travel agencies. You can object that purchase of real estate already expensive action, but - you pay for what will remain to yours. And 1000 euros for the room in hotel will leave only impressions which will depend on whether correctly you chose travel agency and whether were deceived with the choice of hotel.

Besides, you can lease your apartment - to do it among the acquaintances or having signed the contract with the company in Spain. And your investment will make profit.

How much is it?

the biggest argument that the lodge by the sea is a luxury of course, money. The first question of the buyer familiar with the Russian market and the person interested to decide on the price: And how much is square meter? . It is possible to answer directly and bezzaty, according to the published analysis of Society according to Earth and Real estate: For the end of December, 2006 average national the price of 1 sq.m made 2763 euros, the gain in comparison with 2005 made 9,8% .

It will help a little. The cost of housing depends on many and many reasons, and one of the most important components - location. Not only whether it is far from the sea but also in what province so - development of tourist infrastructure, availability. Quality of construction and the materials used for construction and finishing is important. It is possible to buy the new house with four bedrooms in the province Murcia for 180000 euros, and it is possible - the apartment with three bedrooms and a view of the sea in a resort in Kataluniya or on the Atlantic coast, in the Basque Country - is twice more expensive.

Therefore, the main business of the buyer - to watch as much as possible, to choose and compare!

What joins in the price? The difference with our reality is essential! Choosing

, estimating and comparing, it is important to know here that:

should add To the number of rooms specified in announcements one more - the hall. bedrooms consider Here. And the hall - by itself certainly. For an example, ours three-room here will describe as the apartment with two bedrooms.

of the Bedroom. Traditionally Spaniards build very small bedrooms, and an addition double increases chance to be developed in this room.

Kitchen - always equipped. Even in new buildings - it is completely trimmed also with furniture. From the built-in equipment the extract, a plate and the dishwasher are obligatory. Sometimes, especially, if it is expensive project with individual design, the refrigerator, washing and drying machines are installed.

Bathrooms are equipped with completely too. Moreover, main bedroom usually becomes as hotel luxury - with the bathroom.

Terrace, balcony, garden. Weather and the nature have a kind feeling to spend much time on air, staying at home at the same time! Some apartments have terraces, comparable on the area with apartments.

land area
, a garden obustroyennost, existence of the pool is important For houses.

Many apartment houses have a municipal garden and the pool that is also reflected in cost. It concerns also so-called adosado - houses with the general wall with neighbors.

housing cost in golf - residences can include by a golf share. I know

Ya in what state are transferred to hands of happy owners of the apartment in new buildings in Russia. Of course, argument: but you can make everything as you want it is indisputable, but: it is besides money, torments with search of builders, time and nerves. And naked walls are on sale at the prices, quite comparable with the Spanish. Here usually do not suggest to open the talent of the organizer of production, the foreman and finisher. Many apartments are arranged completely, including curtains and covers in bedrooms.

And what - does not join? Usually collecting on registration and registration, and also taxes is not included by

in the price. The sum of these expenses will make up to 10% of housing cost. to

Besides, the owner annually pays a real estate tax which makes 0,2% of the cadastral cost of housing.

After acquisition of real estate will arise utility payments, a payment for electricity, phone, protection, water and gas. They make from 100 to 250 euros a month for the apartment.

For the same apartments in golf - residences payment will be slightly higher, but also conveniences which you receive for this money, already than other level the Individual country house with the pool will demand

expenses on cleaning of the pool, care of a garden.

By the sea?. And if far away? the Real estate by the sea will be of

more expensive. The apartment on the beach - is more expensive same in the depth of the city. It is possible to bargain if it is not a new building from the company - the builder But the main argument of the owner on all your remarks - offers will be: . and beach, and look?!... .

on the other hand is and most realized real estate. Spain - the traditional vacation spot for all Europe, and demand for apartments by the sea is always.

I live in Catalonia. There is a sea, mountains, the rivers and lakes. The house or the apartment located from the sea in a radius of 30 - 40 minutes of a trip on the car will cheaper cost. And the look can be very much even remarkable. However, enterprising Catalans will not forget to point to you to this advantage and a broad gesture to lead round vicinities on each inquiring look at discussion of the price

If to you likes idea to have a rest far away from crowds of tourists, among pines, listening to singing of birds, and to go to the sea at will, then it is quite possible to find the house with three bedrooms in mountains at apartment cost on the beach.

Even if the price and not incredibly from where money to take?

Spain - the country where like to buy housing where build much. Help to support demand in housing market various mortgage programs. There are programs: without the first contribution - for young families; there are programs for buying houses in a construction stage; there are programs for those who want to change the house, without waiting for sale of the first.

To foreigners quite well mortgage lending, including some special programs. The mortgage usually covers up to 80% of cost of the bought housing, the term of payment can be till 40 years, the commission of bank about 5,25 - 5,5%. Anyway, each request is reviewed by bank individually. It is enough banks competing in the market of mortgage lending that allows on the one hand - to keep terms for crediting stable, and on the other hand - to choose the product suitable the buyer.

Spaniards actively use mortgage lending. It allows them to have so-called second residence which sense is not always clear to residents of the northern countries. Among our familiar Spaniards many have the house in the city and the house or apartments by the sea, all in an hour of driving from the first! And the record of misunderstanding was set up by our client who was looking for the cozy lodge for a family on the first line of the beach at the same time having the house in our town, in two kilometers from the sea, and not planning to leave it As they say: Same sea, same palm trees . Would be not present to diversify the life - in Lapland giving to look after!

Perhaps, the dream of the house on the Mediterranean Sea is actually quite feasible? And if there is a desire, then life gives us opportunities.

Let your dreams come true!