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Why sky blue, and decline scarlet?

From a school bench all approximate and not especially pupils know what is color in understanding of the physicist. It is only the site distinguished by a human eye in quite narrow range of a range of electromagnetic waves. In this range boundary positions are taken red and violet colors, gradually passing with increase in wavelength of radiation into so-called infrared and ultra-violet radiations respectively.

Thanks to low ability to dispersion in the atmosphere, red color is applied as alarm color on objects which distinction is important in the conditions of insufficient visibility. These are the signal lights placed on high-rise objects, on external part of boards of planes. Respectively, the colors possessing high ability to dispersion in the atmosphere are applied to a blackout. Most often it is blue and violet colors.

In more detail about flowers of a decline. Because of bad ability to dispersion red light the sun is at sunset poured by all shades of this color. And the reason of the national sign speaking about the forthcoming rainy day to which the scarlet decline precedes is quite explainable. Let`s try to argue logically.

At the moment when the sun is at the horizon, its beams on the way to our eye should pass an atmosphere layer much more thickly than usual. In usual conditions color of the sun at a view of it seems is dazzling - white. However from a school course all know that white color is mix all possible flowers. Passing through a thick layer of the atmosphere, color, except for all shades of red, dissipate strongly or absorbed by the atmosphere.

Respectively, it is possible to say that the sun on the horizon will be more red than the subjects , than more thickly the layer of the atmosphere lies between it and our eye, or than more uneasily and, respectively, this layer of the atmosphere will be more dusty. Our assumptions are true. The sun is closer to the horizon, the atmosphere layer through which its light aspires to us is thicker, and that, respectively, its shades are more red than . Truly as well following statement: the flushing a decline, the is more rainy also vetreny there will be the next day.

Further logical reasonings will help us to understand, than color of the sky is caused by blue . Blue (the same, as blue ) color lies in a range between green and violet . All of them possess ability to dispersion in the atmosphere. Dispersion of any color in a certain environment leads to coloring of the environment this color.

I already hear your lawful question and the statement. Violet color has to dissipate best of all in the atmosphere? But sky not violet, but blue! You are right, there`s nothing to be done. But at the identical brightness a human eye better perceives blue color, but not violet . Besides, green light which is also possessing some ability to dispersion in the atmosphere, mixing up with perfectly dissipating violet , brings besides blue .

Of course, all given reasonings are only an explanation of the facts on fingers . But we will deeply not climb in elements of remarkable science of physics not to spoil complexity what we so love since the childhood. Let`s better wish each other pleasure from contemplation of the bottomless blue sky and a divine scarlet decline!