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Whether the guinea pig is pet?

Are such animals at whom the name is only the name, it does not bear any semantic loading. One of representatives of similar animals is also the guinea pig. Actually it both not sea, and not a mumps, the name occurred by accident. The name mumps appeared probably from - for structures of the head of small animals whereas the first of - for the fact that it overseas ; subsequently particle for disappeared and turned out what is: guinea pig. In due time the author read

in one magazine that guinea pigs - very good pets. But whether so it?

We will begin with the simple and little-known fact: guinea pigs are the best sample for test human vaccines. It means that the guinea pig can easily catch a cold and also it is easy to die of usual cold. Not many of people possess skills of the veterinarian, and in such question timely and fast treatment is important. Also it is subject to many other diseases that imposes specific conditions for contents. The cage on a floor in this case is unacceptable option as frequent drafts do not promote improvement of health of an animal.

On personal observations I can tell that in a cage to them it is close and it is not comfortable, it while the cage was maximum at the time of purchase. The space is bigger, than a cage, sometimes it is impossible to allocate in the apartment.

The guinea pig rather timid animal, also moves on the apartment only along walls. If at all ventures movement.

Hygiene problems are also particularly acute enough. The author did not manage to accustom an animal to go to accurately designated toilet owing to many reasons, not last of which was small cage . Besides, the animal could even descend quietly in case sits at someone on a lap. It also speaks not in its advantage. And in view of the fact that the guinea pig can and wets the bed in any place, there is no pronounced principle of a toilet, it is necessary to clean a cage time in one - two days, otherwise the smell becomes pronounced.

In food the guinea pig is not that too whimsical, it is just necessary to show consideration for disinfection of food more. If the human body forgives a mistake, then with an animal everything is much more difficult.

Whether the guinea pig a pet is? In case for you there is nothing surprising that people hold houses of bird spiders, lizards and others not enough suitable for communication of animals, then is. But if you want to receive from an animal also communication, as in a case with cats / hamsters, besides, at quite unpretentious contents, - this option not for you.