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How to receive benefit from new pension system?

Since 2002 in Russia work new pension system. There passed 5 years. And governed on which the pension is formed today, seem to much still unclear and even frightening.

So let`s understand together new Russian pension system to use it with the greatest benefit.

So if you get under reform action, that is you the man is younger 1953 year of birth or the woman is younger than 1957, then your pension consists of three parts: basic, insurance and accumulative.

Basic. It is the fixed part of pension which is defined by the law. It is annually indexed by the state.

Insurance. It is part of pension which depends on the size of a salary and an experience.

Accumulative. the Main difference of this part of pension - that we can independently operate it.

the Funded part depends on the size of an official salary. Here it should be noted that if you are given in an envelope the actual sum, and you undersign for the sheet for much smaller money, then you should not count on a high funded part. (But also in this situation and if you on age do not charge a funded part automatically, you can allocate money for these purposes independently.)

Having competently disposed of these means now, in the future you can count on solid pension.

The funded part of pension can serve also your relatives: it is inherited. If before pension, God forbid, something happens to you, then successors have the right to receive your funded part with everything the income in a type of a lump sum added on it. But if the person already became a pensioner, and at least one payment to him already arrived, the means which remained on his account are transferred to Pension Fund of the Russian Federation.

How to influence the size of the future pension? Initially funded part of work pension settles in Pension Fund of the Russian Federation. And further already depends on you where to enclose it.

Can be done, of course, nothing, in this case your funded part will remain in RPF and the state management company will dispose of it. The income will be small, at the same time growth of inflation is much higher.

And it is possible to entrust a funded part of the pension to the non-state pension fund (NSPF). The income will be four times more, and even more, the main thing is correct to choose NPF. For example, I signed the contract with one of NPF and profitability of my means for last year made 21,5% per annum. While profitability in the state management company - 5,7% per annum ( a source - the official site of VEB ).

What has to be NPF that we entrusted it the means?

First of all - reliable . The conclusion can be drawn on reliability of fund for how long it exists and how many citizens entrusted it the means. On the other hand, the NPF has to be profitable . As a rule, NPFs do not hide information on that, on how many percent they increased accumulation of the clients for this or that year. As a rule, the percent on accounts in NPF is higher, than in banks. The NPF has to be clear and open . You have to know precisely, " where exactly; work your means. Service which provides fund is also important . Many NPFs just suggest to fill in the application form and an assignment, and independently transfer all necessary documents to RPF. About what income to you was added in a year, you learn from the information letter which the NPF is obliged to send to the clients annually.

Now you know the main thing to make a right choice. So leave the right to dispose of the means for themselves!