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Whether to consider virtual change real?

the Internet strongly entered our life. And it is so strong that many began to call it virtual reality. On the Internet and by means of it it is possible to make many things: to work, order books and other things, without leaving the house, say, to do all that is called reality. And where there is a reality, there is both a love, and a reverse side of love - change. We will not consider virtual aspect of change, that is change to the virtual friend, and we will look from offline (the term which it is accepted to designate the real world).

At everyone the views of change. For someone sexual contact is considered change, someone does not accept even kisses. The third it is important that was not attention signs as for them the most painful is courting process, sex, in fact, it is only an instinct.

Virtual sex is usual lines of the text which is typed by the person. There is no direct contact between people. Though with development of technologies began to gain strength full Wirth (usually so call virtual sex): it is possible to hear the partner`s voice, and in the presence of high-speed access also video. But it nevertheless is inaccessible to the majority or is available not completely. Thus, in most cases virtual sex is a mere verbiage in various messengers / chats / e-mails.

From the fact that usual words are the cornerstone of virtual sex it is possible to draw a conclusion that in the presence of the real sexual partner it is possible to call this type of sex change in the worst option (on classification of the author it is equated to to courting process ) .

Whether in case of detection of similar to one of partners it is worth lifting scandal? This insult, both rather cruel and mean. According to the author, at once you should not do it. For many people virtual reality - absolutely other world which they do not project on offline. From the point of view of science it can be characterized as schizophrenia, a split personality. But the similar call says that the person can have some problems in reality: unsatisfied sexual requirements, thirst of novelty or other reasons. In each case it is necessary to undertake the methods, the main thing - not to allow combination virtual with real.

So what to draw a conclusion from listed above? Whether to consider virtual change real? If the person lives two worlds, then is not necessary, but it is necessary to undertake all possible for return of the person to the real world. If obvious the Internet - dependence at it is not observed, then it is necessary to undertake all possible for examination whether there were (whether are planned) contacts in reality. Everything depends on perception of virtuality.

As addition it is possible to tell that in the majority of the countries virtual change began to be equated to real, as well as seduction and so forth.