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Jerks. Who are they? (Kiev example). Part 2

Where they study?

At schools, where still? But, often, at schools rural. They study to the ninth (eleventh) class there, on the historical small homeland, and go to the capital. To conquer this magic place from where nobody comes back, to the village. In general, rural school - a separate subject, and it is possible to develop it indefinitely. So obscene education level, or rather its total absence as at modern rural schools, I did not meet anywhere any more. And it is the conclusion drawn by me not on the basis of some there stories, and on personal experience. I was present at many occupations at many similar schools. Everything is explainable, in general. What teacher will want to go there, to this land of Nod? Go on distribution, and, having chopped off put, come back, like mad. Most of the excellent students going then to the universities graduated from rural schools. Not therefore they get medals in villages that education level is better there, than in the capital. No, at all not therefore there were they round excellent students. Just if it medallist to set for a school desk of any Kiev school, from it knowledge there will be no stone left on a stone. There will even be no dust left

the popular belief that jerks are not to the higher education Exists. Quite misleading statement. Happen also with three the highest (I personally know it). I live at Karavayevy dachas. In the last one or two years all territory, adjacent to my house, was occupied by students of the higher education institutions located nearby. It is so much dirt, a mat, and I did not hear inarticulate cries even on the Khreshchatyk on the Youth Day. In total zakharkano, it is filled up with garbage and zablevano. It is our future. These are people who, having graduated from the capital Universities, will not come back home. They will remain here because they are jerks with the higher education. Jerks of the highest class

Jerks of the highest class.

Why the person who arrived from the dense village has every chance to achieve bigger, than the resident of the capital or large city of Ukraine? Someone will feed you with baizes about working capacity and desire to work . There is one huge desire - to remain here. In any way. Also bite into space of offices teeth, and erase to the basis of the keyboard of computers, and sleep on workplaces. And still - do not shun to put competitors make meanness and scheme the administration. Recently in transport heard conversation of one young woman of years of twenty. The young woman on broken Ukraine - Russian reported on mother that the chief is ground taky, nice, and I will try Well, you, gy - gy, understood Mother, I believe, understood. And all passengers of the bus understood. They are ready practically FOR EVERYTHING. Also remain here. There is a capital, paraphrasing Ostap Bender, legend of a next world. Nobody, having got here, does not come back

Buv I am a jerk, I ment now, show the document you understood

what I want to tell about? Each of us knows what people of estate in the majority we have an opportunity to observe in blue uniforms on streets of our cities. Also it is a pity that approach to a personnel question costs quite so, and competent, rather professional workers are simply lost against hamovity Ppsnikov with the chins despised by a peel from sunflower seeds. It too they . Attracts their power. Power, which, as we know, the strongest drug. I plowed, and you had a good time here?! I from the village, and you are capital pepper!? So I now to pants will undress you! I will search! Also there are boys on tram stops, on snow in socks (personally me a seen picture), " so far; law enforcement officers search them. Also the people in the stands jerks, soccer never being interested thrash sticks. They so the rage vent it. And immense revel in the power. It they catch the addict - the pickpocket, and that on them to an initiative undertakes twenty burglaries. Disclosure? Of course, disclosure! And the fact that thanks to such jerks in the form of theft proceed for years - a minor matter

That we have to them?

In psychology of behavior of jerks one feature is available. They consider that all something have to them. You did not meet the aunts standing on stops about a family - ten bags of potato? How aunts informed of so big freight a stop? And take an interest how they will move bags to the trolleybus! David Copperfield will be called? At all not. Will call us. To Pomozhit - and with grief dog - in eyes. Also we drag bags, swearing, and we soil passengers. Costs such " aside; meshochnik to tell something impartial, the answer - " right there follows; We feed you! Do not hide an eye confusedly after such accusatory passage. Reflect. You free of charge take products on markets? To you lend to them? No! You, as well as I, spread blood to buy the same potato cost in dollar. Also do not do an eye so amazed, uvidav the price of onions, cabbage or beet. Do not forget, the market is a territory of jerks. Their outpost. And to you it is instant, in intelligible semi-abusive language will explain where to you to go if do not accept you the price,

C which is obviously overestimated whom we confuse them?

With visitors. Just the visitor is not the jerk! I have a great number of friends and excellent acquaintances - the people who arrived to the capital from villages and the small cities. But it is intelligent, interesting people. Therefore, having lived in Kiev at least hundred years, it is possible to remain terry and never leaving borders of the native village, it is possible to be the cultural person, without the slightest raid of a boorishness. Everyone, in principle, chooses for himself. It is difficult to break through, infinitely heavy to creep out of a rubbish pit of a zhlobsky family, and not to fall in love luzaniye semachek together with mats. Difficult, but - it is possible. Clematises - they are whom became

Jerk - not the title, is also not descended. But, as we know, on an apple-tree, unfortunately, oranges at

Why them very much extremely seldom grow in the capital? does not have

of a question More simply. From - for cancellations of institute of a registration! Also go here in the majority, unfortunately, perfect . I repeatedly had to travel around areas by shuttle buses. There is no smell! This suffocating smell of dirty bodies which you can feel, having got on a bus, the trolleybus or the subway in Kiev. I took an interest somehow at the inhabitant Zhmerinki - why supposedly so occurs? Why there is no smell here, and in the capital - is? Because to you perfect go! Crowd from all Ukraine . Such here irrefragable answer

Ya I am not afraid of angry letters in edition, as well as phone calls from the jerks dissatisfied with my article. Because jerks of articles do not read. And deeply to spit them on the fact that write about them. They were, is and will be always. And they know it, and we. But as all - there is no wish that about us, Ukrainians, judged by a numerous layer of the people who often lost human shape, and called contemptuously by jerks

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