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Jerks. Who are they? (Kiev example). Part 1

Quite often we should hear there, here this word - a brand - jerks . Who such jerks? What for estate such? From where they are born on our earth, who makes them where studied, by whom they were brought up?

You should not pretend that this concept is unfamiliar to you. It is possible to roll up Puritan eyes, and it is possible to try to look at the phenomenon. So, the phenomenon - jerks

How to distinguish the jerk? I Believe

that I put in this word the same sense, as thousands of Ukrainians; therefore I do not think that my methods in recognition of the jerk will become for someone revelation. So, the jerk is a mat on all street, it is a stench of a dirty body, this terrible tongue-tie, it is invariable clumsy surzhik, an idiotic hairstyle and ridiculous, for some reason eternally dirty, clothes. You learn? Oh! Yes it is a typical portrait of millions of Ukrainians! I see the stones and rotten tomatoes flying to my party. Or - I do not see. As to throw in me a rotten vegetable, it is necessary to read article. And jerks have one more feature - they do not like to read. To read for them - in vain to spoil eyes

Where they can be met?

If you live in the silent center (not on the Khreshchatyk!) also you move on the city by car with the driver if are not interested you a city landscape and during similar trips you study the book if you do not visit grocery stores, then all of you equally them will meet! Where? At cinema, for example. You know, there are such children and girls who like to philosophize during viewing? And philosophizing them consists in the most stupid remarks and a regotaniye. They neigh, sometimes, on the most tragic moments. You sit, trying to constrain tears. On the screen the main character dies. The scene is full of tragic element, and suddenly neighing! Infections die! - someone comments, with satisfaction champing and otrygivayushchiya. His girlfriend cheerfully laughs (the picture from life). Jerks of a floor have no. They are sexless. But the being who laughed to the friend`s eructation is not a jerk. It, a being, is zhlobikhy. They - everywhere. And in recent years the capital simply teems with them. Why? About it a bit later

Nurseries of jerks

is a downtown in holidays. I remember how earlier on the Khreshchatyk it was possible to come to the festivities connected with this or that date with children, with grandmothers and grandfathers. To walk, without being afraid that some cattle which is drunk too much on a heat will fly in you, without having sorted the road. It was not necessary to clamp to children ears, not are obligatory it was diligent to bypass the parks and squares filled chock-full by drunk teenagers. Drank not less earlier and used foul language too. But then, in epic those times when on the Khreshchatyk it was possible to go out for a walk quietly for the weekend, people knew that to use foul language on all street - it is impossible. Simply - it is impossible. Right there tens of the heads will turn back on your curse, someone will make the remark. You will not understand - you will receive on a nape.

Both saw strongly, and walked not poorly. But the bound was not overstepped. There were fights, there was a knifing (much less, than now, but - was), however the families which are peacefully defiling on park, nobody clung. As well as the guy going with the girl. The guy with the girl - a taboo. You love an extreme? Walk hours so at eleven in the evening on a festive Khreshchatyk now. Glance in filled by the perfect vilest of mankind pipe on the Maidan. If the monotony of sad life absolutely bored - come around to Troyeshchina

Life cracked - we go to Troyeshchina

Is probable, this place became legendary not at once. Decades subculture of the area vjedalisrzhavchiny in weak brains of its young inhabitants, also occurred what had to occur sooner or later. No, Troyeshchina did not turn into a ghetto, the youth of the area freely moves on the city, and residents of the dormitory area are not supplied with distinctive stripes on backs. But any person who is not deprived of observation will always be able unmistakably to define troyeshchinsky youth. You remember hot the ninetieth, with skinheads brigade and sports pants? And so, - in Troyeshchina time stopped, and there now the ninetieth years. Fashion of the ninetieth, phrases of the ninetieth, thoughts of the ninetieth. Concepts arrows . From - for huge the sums of fifty dollars on arrow it is tightened person hundred. Also begin to purr No, they not Wiskas ate too much. Just the youth of Troyeshchina with milk of mothers and a cigarette smoke of fathers absorbed criminal Pseudo Language, and together with it soaked up certain concepts.

Concepts are almost lifestyle. Is suckers is boys (sometimes, to boys it for forty years), is passengers (almost suckers the people far from criminal life ) . Well, such here alphabet of life. Proceeding from these pseudo-concepts, there is nothing shameful in robbing the late couple, or to get into a bag to the old woman. Then it is possible to brag of the new sports pants acquired from the Chinese in the troyeshchinsky market. It is natural that any concepts (real, universal) about culture of behavior in public places the youth of Troyeshchina is deprived. And, procrastinating the dirty bodies other districts of Kiev, litters empty packs from - under cheap cigarettes, smokes hemp at entrances, zaplevyvat the nearby territory and lets forth a stream of oaths to the right - on the left.

I understand that in the territory of this rather big area except the youth known to all capital for the zhlobsky habits, there live quite normal, adequate people. But judge the area, all - proceeding from the information about jerks with which, literally, Troyeshchina teems. Also there was this place legendary. And in jokes the word jerk it is substituted, sometimes, for the word inhabitant of Troyeshchina

The termination follows...