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How to grow up a chlorophytum?

the Chlorophytum crested (Chlorophytum comosum) - a perennial grassy plant of family of Lileynye. In the nature meets in the damp subtropical woods of South Africa, in rainforests of America. More than 100 types of the chlorophytums growing on the earth among a grass and on trees in forks of branches, trunk cracks are known.

In room floriculture grow up views with green and striped linear leaves. They are brought together in the radical socket and are dugoobrazno bent in the parties, reaching length of 40 - 50 cm. Long moustaches - the tsvetonosa decorated with small white flowers which turn further into small rozetochka - children with air backs grow from the center of the socket.

Leaving. the Chlorophytum - one of the simplest for contents in room culture of plants. It is grown up generally as an ampelous plant - which can be placed on a wall, on a shelf or on a high support. Magnificent bush with the numerous tsvetonosny escapes covered uneven-age children it is very decorative and capable to recover and decorate any room.

The chlorophytum equally well grows both on light, and in a penumbra thanks to what it is widely used in gardening of rooms. In the summer it can be held in the open air, preserving against the direct sun and wind. Because on the sun its leaves turn pale and fade, and wind can damage their integrity, bend or break.

Air temperature suits it moderately - warm and cool. It is necessary to water in the spring and in the summer plentifully, and in the winter - it is moderate, without allowing excessive remoistening of the soil. Its thick rhizomes are capable to reserve water therefore redrying is not so dangerous, and here from a modulation roots can decay. At very dry air and high temperature it is useful to spray a plant periodically boiled water. During active growth from spring to fall 3 - 4 times a month a chlorophytum feed up solution of fertilizers for dekorativnolistvenny houseplants. In the winter of top dressing reduce to 1 time a month.

Landing and reproduction. For landing of a chlorophytum make friable nutritious pochvosmes of the cespitose, humous earth, peat and sand in the ratio 2:1:1:0,5. At the bottom of a pot surely do a drainage for a drain of excess water and access of air to roots. Young plants need annual change in the spring in larger pots as thick and powerful roots quickly fill with themselves all pot. To adult bushes in the spring just replace the top layer of earth on fresh, more fertile.

Make multiple copies a chlorophytum division of the old expanded bushes and with the help children which easily take roots all the year round. They are separated from a tsvetonos and implanted in water or at once put in pots in a damp friable substratum. Put to the place protected from direct sunshine before full rooting.

The chlorophytum not only is unpretentious and decorative, but also is exclusively steady against diseases and wreckers. Only at insufficient watering and too dry air indoors at it tips of leaves korichnevet and dry up. Especially often it is observed in a heating season. Periodic spraying by warm water helps to avoid it.