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How to place the file on RapidShare file hosting service?

For one users of computers - the advanced users - this question very simple. For other users - less advanced - this question is difficult. Here also language problems of understanding can be imposed.

For less advanced users this article is devoted. Are not born the advanced users, and become. To that this step became shorter, the further story will be devoted.

In my article How to download from RapidShare file hosting service? the reader got acquainted with sequence of actions when downloading files.

In this article the reader will learn to download the file for others.

Why it is necessary? - some of you will ask. It is necessary to simplify possibilities of exchange of information irrespective of the our geographical and temporary location. Very conveniently for file exchange of the big sizes with which e-mail is not suitable for an exchange, or low speed the Internet - connections.

So, you wanted to place the file that to share that unique information which is possessed by you with someone.

For example, you want to place the file with the name Kak_Razmestitj_na_ Rapid_Share. doc .

1. Open the main window by clicking the link com /

2. Press the " button; Review .

3. The new window will open.

4. Specify a way to the file which you want to begin to rock to the file hosting service server in the opened window.

5. One more new window will open.

6. Press the Upload button!

7. Pumping of your file then the form will take the following form will begin.

8. If in this window at the top of the page the inscription " appeared; File Kak_Razmestitj_na __ Rapid_Share. doc (246 KB) uploaded! it means that the file is downloaded to the file hosting service server.

9. Click on the following link in the bottom of the page of this " window; I do not want a collector`s account right now. Just give me the download - link to receive a link (the reference to the downloaded file).

10. The new window with references will open.

11. Copy two links. First reference com/files/57771106/Kak_Razmestitj_na __ Rapid_Share. doc. html is intended for downloading of the file, and the second reference for removal of the file from the file hosting service server. That is, when you will consider that it more there is not necessary, it can be removed forever.