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Brings this disgrace in our life a variety?

Reading articles and comments to articles about how the wife has to behave, having learned about change of the husband as the husband has to behave, having learned about betrayal of the wife, I came to a conclusion that, on the one hand, the right for knowledge of world around, and with another admits - is condemned. And - it is sometimes very severe.

Hodge Nasreddin told in due time: If in crowd of naked women there was my darling, I would look not only at it! .

In this phrase - deep if not to tell - deep - sense of human life. Namely - curiosity, inquisitiveness define both progress technical, and progress public, and progress in area of the human relations, in particular, the relations between the man and the woman.

Isn`t that so, it is always interesting to know: And how it at them? Look with what genuine interest all articles concerning others experience of relationship in couple or in a family are perceived!

How to become successful - too out of curiosity: you were in time, and I could not! Why? What its system of work (thinking, the relations in collective and a family) differs from mine in?

Following question: and maybe, it is worth changing something, to diversify, add? Speaking language of science, the first version of model of world around (families, the friend, the girlfriend, the wife, the mother-in-law, the chief etc.) had no necessary variety. results have to improve

of Addition to characteristics of objects of modeling, increase efficiency of own actions (or bezdeystviye).

Communication with the friend, the doctor, the sexopathologist, the hypnotist, the magician, the magician can abruptly change your life. And while it seems to you that you already came. And why? Yes because your model of reality had no necessary variety.

My close acquaintance told about the father possessing the strongest ability of suggestion. Once my distant relative (somehow strange all this intertwined) complained that at him any interest in the wife was gone. Without the visible reasons. What to do - does not know. So this father (his memory is blessed!) told the desperate husband: Every time you will think that before you the English queen! . Helped! After that there were no problems! The sufferer was come into the view by object which was known as if in other reality. But when it moved on accessible (in imagination) distance - was reached a necessary variety!

Other example from the same area. To the sexopathologist the patient came: All these ten years was as for the first time, and now What to do? After interviews with couple together and separately the recommendation followed: At you everything is all right to worry there is nothing. But maybe, to you somehow to diversify, replace a pose Perhaps, like a dog... . In several days on the street the patient runs up to the doctor: Doctor! You do not represent, it is a fantasy! Everything is fine! But you know what was the most difficult? To persuade her to go outside! . (Full compliance to saying: Brings this disgrace in our life a variety ).

And what we look for on the Internet? In To School of Life ? In art and scientific literature? In theater and cinema? Correctly - a variety!

A variety of our ideas of all parties of our life allows to make the correct decisions: if our models of systems which we (we want it or not) face possess a sufficient variety , our decisions will lead us to success!