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Whether in life the author " often longed; Knight of the Rueful Countenance ?

on September 29, 1547, 460 years ago, in day of Saint Miguel, in a family of the poor surgeon Cervantes the fourth child who was named in honor of the heavenly patron Miguel was born. Rod Servantesov was ancient, but by the time of the boy`s birth the father was interrupted by casual earnings, and therefore wandered across all Spain somehow to live most and to give a piece of bread to children and the wife. This nomadic, almost Gipsy life led to the fact that little Miguel did not study plainly at school, the only thing that at it turned out, this reading. To other life had to teach all him.

However, having turned out in 20 - summer age in Madrid, young Miguel did not become puzzled and got a job in city board of the capital where managed to use nearly the only chance to be allocated, having written the sonnet on the death of the queen Isabella Valois. He counted that now will treat him more indulgently, but from - for the fact that it was necessary to work quite often from dawn to a decline, he skipped classes so business did not reach an academic degree. Respectively, and it was not necessary to dream of a lucrative post. That is why 23 - summer Miguel went to Italy where got a job on service to the cardinal of Akvavia. Also it was right there defined by the soldier of sea expedition. Soon war with Turks appeared in time, and future writer appeared in the thick of battle at Lepanto. The case-shot of an enemy shot ruined to it a hand, and until the end of life it remained the disabled person.

In fight paid it for bravery which - what money that allowed to live in Italy nearly five more years. Then he decided to come back home, counting that his bravery will be estimated and in the homeland. It went to Spain by sea in September, 1575, but the destiny obviously mocked at it. The ship was seized by Turks, and Cervantes was taken prisoner. Together with the brother.

To kill him to pirates there was no reason as the nobleman and in Africa the nobleman to wait for repayment for it is much more perspective, than for the unknown sailor. But nobody hurried to redeem Miguel because money broke very big. On all collecting nearly five years left, and only on September 15, 1580 it was redeemed by monks - trinitariya.

Hopes that it will be received with open arms, and remained hopes. Nobody hurried to present Miguel with neither money, nor positions. It was necessary to be interrupted by literary work which did not bring in the special income; as speak at us, the impoverished nobleman lived from hand to mouth.

Life cracked. And that green melancholy not its sgryzla to the top, friends suggested Cervantes to marry. And even the suitable candidacy for a role of the bride was picked up - 19 - summer Catalina de Palasios, same poor, as well as her groom. Besides, Cervantes was then 37 years old. Generally, classical mismatch.

Whether they had a love? Now even opening will not show. But Catalina was obviously not a dekabristka, and for the promised was not going to go anywhere. And Miguel too not really - that insisted on that the wife accompanied him everywhere. As a result they were together much less than separately, kids did not get. And if not a stick - a lifesaver in the person of the maid, the great writer so also did not learn pleasure of paternity. However, Cervantes did not begin to destroy an easy haze of wellbeing of family life, was not going to devote the wife in the love intrigues. Here so they also lived: slept separately and children were. However, illegitimate.

Meanwhile, Miguel did not leave the hobby for poetry, and even won the first prize in competition of poets in Zaragoza. As an award the successful poet received three silver spoons.

In 1585 Cervantes became a commissioner on purchase of wheat, barley and olive oil in Andalusia. This ungrateful work was also dangerous. Two times to Cervantes were necessary to requisition wheat belonging to clergy and in spite of the fact that he was guided by the order of the king, excommunicated it. In revenge for setup royal solicitors saw in its reports of violation, as a result Miguel was put on trial, and then in prison. The first time he strongly worried. In the second and third treated it so quietly as though it was forced to change a shirt.

During the second trips Cervantes also conceived to commit the supervision to paper. But was not in time, he was set free. During the third it right there began to scribble. Finished the novel Smart hidalgo Don Quixote Lamanchsky in 1602. And three years later the novel was published and was met with triumph. And it in that time when on the British Isles great Shakespeare created.

It appears, fashion to forge good novels it was got in Europe at all not in the 21st century when the brother Harry Potter had a little sister Tanya Grotter. Hardly Cervantes`s work seized minds of his contemporaries as some quirky scribbler released continuation of story about the hidalgo Don Quixote. It forced Miguel Cervantes to take up the pen again. The second part of the novel was published in 1615.

By this time Cervantes was already hopelessly sick. Not to be a burden for the family, he took the vows. In the Award tertsariyev. On hands of monks of this Award Miguel also died on April 23, 1616. Monks so reliably hid the place of burial of the brother that it was not found and still. And considering the fact that from this day passed almost 400 years, chances to find Cervantes`s grave decrease every year as a pebble-leather.

All this time readers of all countries and the people smile, monitoring adventures of the fighter against windmills. And very few people know what in real life was to Cervantes often much worse, than to his literary hero. And by the end of life he forgot to smile at all. Though in the Soviet textbooks on Cervantes`s literature always represented as the imposing and stately hidalgo with an ironical smile