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How to make a forum beautiful and popular?

Not each person is able to create the websites. To place materials or photos, many use forums. There are those who create forums for the own websites, there are people who just administer a forum. Anyway you need to make attractive and popular the place for discussion of various subjects.

I will begin with appeal. In administrator settings there is the simplest function - Registration Subjects other name - Skins . If to you laziness to create an own subject of registration for a forum, then just choose more pleasant for eyes from the subjects offered by creators.

If you are not too lazy, then can create own subject for a forum - to make it original that is pleasant to users more. In that case begin with fonts and flowers.

I would advise not to use very large or badly readable font. Deliver to Times New Roman or Arial 8 - 9 better - the 10th size. It looks pleasantly, and your forum will not look bulky. From a color palette would not advise to choose bright or low-contrast colors (lime, pink, blue), they are badly read and strongly strain eyes.

It is necessary to rummage a little in settings of a forum, having changed the number of the shown messages on one page of a forum. To make though minimum, but the list of the blocked words (which will enter to couple of tens abusive as it is not pleasant to many visitors when messages contain abuse).

For bigger appeal think up various ridiculous or interesting ranks in a pronunciation which will be received by users depending on their activity at a forum. The more you will think up ranks, the better. It is pleasant to everyone when it from the janitor turns into the minister.

Speaking about promoting of a forum, I advise before registering it in catalogs, to create as much as possible rooms and sub-themes on it, having placed initial information, for example, there subjects or materials which should be discussed. The more you diversify a forum, the you will be able to involve more people in it. Text games, something like " remain one of the most popular to this day; Cities and Countries .

After final check of a forum and its registration in search engines you can quietly sigh, but for a while. As you are an administrator, will always expect you at a forum to learn some information or to clear some questions. At first answer all questions even if they do not approach on subject of a resource - it will serve attraction of bigger number of people on a forum; later some term you can selectively begin to send answers to users.

That did not complain of you and respected your forum, you will need to watch it. And it means removal of unnecessary messages, blocking of users which want to leave advertizing at your forum, continuous replenishment of a forum new subjects and materials. Also it is worth deleting unattended rooms, they only litter a forum, than prevent to be guided to visitors in the necessary information.

Thus, carrying out these rules or at least in small degree considering them, you will be able to make the forum both attractive, and popular.