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How to make so that it was pleasant to come into an entrance?

When you open an entrance door, you see No, not own corridor, you not thought of that door, and own entrance. Sometimes you see darkness, dirt and the broken mailboxes, but now even more often, coming into houses, it is possible to see beauty surrounding you from all directions. As it is pleasant to make an entrance - unrecognizable? I will try to tell you about it.

I will begin with those ways which do not demand special expenses. For a start bring together all residents who live on a landing, and suggest to expose on a window sill and a landing on several flowers in pots. If the invention is pleasant, then it is possible except usual flowers also to hang out suspended on entrance walls. Thus you will be able, without making special efforts, to decorate your entrance and to turn it from naked walls, and constantly gathering dust in corners into the small jungle.

One more way is to hang out on an entrance posters with the image of natural landscapes, flowers, insects or animals. They will become some kind of exhibits which will are placed as if in the museum, and on an entrance will become possible to walk as from the room to the room, walking upstairs up or going down.

Identical option to previous - to pokleit photowall-paper on each landing if such at somebody are. Now it is difficult to find such wall-paper in sale though they gain popularity again. Today it is possible to make photowall-paper even from the photo, only it has to be big permission, but such pleasure costs quite much. Therefore if you had still photowall-paper from grandmothers, then you can pokleit them. Or to try to look in shops, in warehouses, on attics of friends...

So, we walked by the inexpensive methods helping to make the entrance beautiful. Now we will pass to more expensive.

If on a landing somebody is able to draw with a barrel, then, having collected a certain sum, it is possible to ask this person to make some colourful drawing, for example, of a lion or an elephant, in the form of graffiti. It will give to a wall not only beauty, but also will decorate your entrance. To write the main thing that there were no handymen Masha, I hate you or Petya .

And quite recently read in the newspaper that walls can be decorated also with usual paints, for example, having drawn on nmkh animated characters or animals. Such walls in 90 - x were in many policlinics therefore if at you somebody well draws brushes, then you can, having raised money from all who live in an entrance, to buy paints and thus to ornament entrance walls, for example, disneylendovsky characters, or near each apartment to draw some animal or a subject characterizing the resident.

And the last, one of the most expensive types: to make of an entrance a corridor, only public, to buy a carpet or rugs which will lie on landings, to put near shop windows, and in ashtray corners. On windows to hang up curtains and to turn an entrance into one big room which is located not in length, and in height.

Thus you can, having chosen one of the decisions given above, to absolutely change the entrance. Or include your imagination and create the own decision. Good luck to you.

P. S. But before to be engaged in updating of an entrance, be not too lazy and do not stint, and put an entrance door with the on-door speakerphone. Thus and teenagers will not hang around in it, and the cosiness will be easier to be kept, not to mention rugs and pots...