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How formation of sexuality of the child depends on his age? Part 2

For each person comes age when the feeling of life incredibly becomes aggravated. It seems that you one are capable to turn Earth or on the contrary, your any movement does not mean in this world absolutely nothing. The first time is feeling visits the teenager on the eve of the introduction in adulthood. And it is very important not to throw it in a difficult situation and to learn (and it is even better to remember himself) what happens to it in Lives .

14 - 16 years. (14 - 17 for boys) . The most difficult period of development of children. At this age morality level from convection changes on autonomous . Now all acts of the child depend on him and on those things that was imparted to him till 14 years. The most serious reefs are hidden in the boy`s organism - there is a sharp jump in functions of gonads - production of hormones increases in 4 (!) time. Energy just begins to hold apart the guy from within. And here it is very important to extinguish hormonal explosion by physical activity, otherwise all essence of the teenager will switch to the sexual soil that most often leads to emergence of the strongest complexes; will seem to the child that nobody understands him (up to that he knows how to save the world). And as a result: early sexual communications, rapes, a serious drug addiction (including to tobacco and alcohol); and reverse side: psychoses, short circuit in, suicides.

The difference in development of floors is that guys pass into " at once; sexual a stage, passing erotic , unlike girls. To a fine half also all is rather simple to meet, embrace, kiss! The man`s organism demands bigger (especially if production of hormones is not reduced), and it is necessary to have very strong will to stop itself. Many cannot: it is available above-mentioned problems. By the way, 90% of rapes and early communications happen because of girls - well they cannot understand the level of man`s requirement And therefore the summoning drawing attention by means of cosmetics, clothes, gestures, gestures can be come to a bad end.

Since 17 years for girls, 18 - 23 years for young men. And only at this age at girls sexuality awakening begins: there comes both psychological and physical readiness for sexual contact. But it is worth knowing that development oporno - the motive device and formation of a skeleton at the girl comes to an end only to 19 to years therefore if there is a wish to keep health as it should be - earlier you should not give birth.

At guys to majority production of sex hormones decreases twice, the social and moral consciousness which is not complicated by internal functions of an organism increases. If to draw a parallel with development of opposite sexes, then it is ideal if to the young girl there corresponds a young man 2 - 4 years more senior. It, of course not a standard, but from - for discrepancies at age (and, therefore, and sexual function) problems of sexual character which can lead couples to a divergence can begin.

After 24 years at guys the polovozrelost stage begins. By the way, the fact that men, unlike girls, grow even to 25 years is interesting! Now load of an organism is systematic: work takes away a lot of time and forces, and hormonal function gains periodic character that is reflected in the man`s opportunities in a bed.

Here so gradually, with all difficulties, experiences and problems, from boys men, and grow up from girls beautiful ladies. The main thing - know about all thresholds not to force an event and to remember that all this proceeds already many thousands of years.