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How work of our brain sounds?

Let`s try to catch itself on thought what we think now of? Isn`t that so, this question throws into confusion? It is not enough which of us is able accurately, quickly and unambiguously to give on it the answer. The matter is that in the weakened state our brain processes up to 20 - 25 thought processes at once, giving nevertheless a priority some to one. It in it can be compared to the computer - try to start several programs at once, to turn on the music plus some video to look through and finish all this business by several games with difficult graphics. And nothing surprising will be if the computer absolutely will hang . Similarly and a brain, studying several processes at the same time, does it absolutely not so quickly and qualitatively as it would be desirable. How to learn to think purposefully and to think only of one and of everything in turn?

There is a beautiful dream - a legend about it. One doctor - the neuropathologist studied encephalograms of the patients. In off-duty time the doctor was fond of a sound recording and knew that the encephalogram curve a little in what differs from a curve sound wave. Then he digitized schedules of encephalograms and received sound transfer of information component. Having turned on loudspeakers, the doctor frowned - the sound reaching from them, music it was difficult to call. Having addressed for support the familiar sound technician, he asked him to work from it records .

In several days, having received the cleared records, he very was surprised. That there were divinely beautiful melodies unprecedented hitherto. Zvukach even asked for permission to make copies for itself. But allow, dear what you made? Your records are as the copy 4 - go or even 5 - go level. Quality is lost, the main subjects are almost hopelessly jammed, but , - and it it is proud knocked itself with a fist in a breast, - I know the business . And here the crazy thought dawned on the doctor. Without having told anything to anybody, he went to policlinic and till the morning was taken with card files.

Next morning he looked forward to the first patient. And when waited, instead of usual procedures, forced the patient to listen completely edited zvukachy record of own encephalogram. The result surpassed all expectations. The patient fell into a trance and stayed in such state before the end of listening. And when woke up, the brightened-up look threw walls, a ceiling, stopped a look on the doctor, lit up, shook hands with it and long shook, repeating words of gratitude, and then told: What do I cost here? I should make very much! also jumped out for a door. In the evening of the same day the doctor received a huge bouquet of flowers from the grateful patient with a card. Dear professor, why you still not the academician? It is just some magic! During this day all my life turned over! I was promoted, I got an award, gave the wife an original gift, and tomorrow we go to our second honeymoon in sanatorium! I absolutely forgot about the sores. Sleeplessness ceased to disturb me, I noticed that from my claustrophobia there is no trace left also! Thank you, the doctor, I am your debtor!

The struck doctor stood, holding a card in hand, and cunning grinned: This piece puts brains in order. The brain is responsible for all processes happening in an organism. Here a key to perfection, or perhaps and to immortality! Now I will remove an encephalogram to myself, I will shift to a sound and I will give to Seryoga - the sound technician - let will work more than ever! Tomorrow I will become other person!

In this fairy tale there is an element of truth. One of the last phrases of the doctor - the neuropathologist The brain is responsible for all processes happening in an organism - bears in itself real sense. Let`s remember magicians and magicians Chumakov and Kashpirovsky who, in fact, just forced to believe people that they are healthy also people, really, felt better. They used system of return from mood to feelings. The organism has such property: when we are ill, respectively and the mood at us worsens, we feel broken. But we will try to use method of auto-training and we will force ourselves to smile, but it is not squeezeed out, and really we will amuse ourselves something. In this regard friends and people loved by us can give invaluable support. Perhaps, several years later doctors will speak: Smile more widely, laugh heartily and it will become easier for you!

It is called a feedback effect. Inspiring in itself that to us it is good and comfortable, we, without noticing that, we force our heart to be laid off more exactly, and from laughter at all quicker. The organism is filled with oxygen, emission of adrenaline in blood adds to us cheerfulness, our muscles become more intense and efficient. The general condition of an organism improves. We project good mood on the organism, and he answers us. The effect of interaction of consciousness with an organism works in the opposite direction.

It can use also in ordinary cases. In the morning, coming to work, study or just to walk, look in a mirror and instead of Well and an ugly face at me since morning! smile to itself it is charming and is fervent, leave the house and you will shout to the first passerby Successful to you day! also smile also to it too. Also you will see how his gloomy physiognomy will become more attractive, perhaps, he will even answer you, but not a string of obscenities, but the same kind wishes and a smile. Sounds how the fairy tale? By no means! Try and, at least, the dobra in this world will become more. Good luck.