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How formation of sexuality of the child depends on his age? Part 1

Any child, as we know, grows over time and changes. And to these causes parents many problems, the mentality and outlook at it often change upon transition to a new age stage. And (as well as to teachers) it is very important to parents to know all stages of a growing of children. First of all it concerns the main sphere of human life - relations between the sexes. Let`s consider interrelation of psychophysiological indicators of formation of sexuality from age. Let`s not consider age to 3 - x years where the child does not feel as part of the world yet. So, first stage:

3 - 6 years. Here the little person has the first age crisis - brain activity is fully shown - he realizes himself. At this age curiosity and knowledge of the world is peculiar - it is not necessary to reduce all pranks of the child to hooliganism. Only the level of perception of the world at it is developed poorly - fear is absent at all and is gained only through experience. Therefore it is important to protect it from all possible dangers of death with strict bans - for this age the authority of parents is unshakable. You should not send the child to school at this age - neither the mentality, nor the child`s organism are ready to it. Difference of the boy from the girl is defined only by primary sexual characteristics, all the rest (appearance in identical clothes, behavior, toys) are almost identical.

7 - 10 years. (7 - 11 for boys) . Very important stage of a growing. Also it begins with a certain crisis - at the child the social role seriously changes: now he is a school student. There are enormous loadings: intellectual and physical (considering the weight of backpacks of modern pupils). Level of moral perception becomes convection (mixed) - from this age of the child cannot be put in a dictatorship framework - it is necessary to agree with it. The relations with an opposite sex only begin to be formed on examples of world around, but are expressed only in concepts: I am a boy, and She is a girl . Secondary sexual characteristics are not expressed. Hormonal function slows down from a little - for the loading which fell down the child. Here at boys lag in development for a year is observed.

11 - 13 years. (12 - 13 for boys) . Time of approach of the third critical stage. The child as if enters a stage teenager . At both floors secondary sexual characteristics begin to develop, to change a figure - but activity of sex hormones remains normal. Boys in development catch up with girls, at them the voice begins to break. The only thing, is observed strong braking in growth (which, however, is filled in one or two years).

The stage of sexual development changes on romantic - girls get diaries, dream of the prince on a white horse or the charming actor from new series etc. Boys identify themselves with heroes of cinema, animated films, computer games The problem of our century is that heroes from books do not become standards: where there to brave Ivanhoe or cheeful musketeers to the Superman and the Spiderman. And it is fraught with consequences - the child gains surplus of aggression, begins to learn to fly with the ninth floor (we remember scandal with Pokemons ) . Parents have to watch what information arrives to the child. As the level of morality remains convection, the child can easily be sent to the correct party, but only having talked to it as equals.

At this stage subjective childhood the teenager comes to an end: it gradually begins to enter new life. There is a reconsideration of values, drawing up own picture of world around further - here parents, already only observing from height of the lived years, can control behavior of the child. Or, as a last resort, slightly to push him to adoption of the correct decisions - therefore it is important to know what happens to the teenager. But about it in the following article. Good luck to you in education!