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What it is necessary to feed a hamster with?

are Not enough to buy a cage, hay and the most restless owner of this wealth, the cost of the hamster is insignificant is small in comparison with the accessories doing his life easy and easy. It is important yet not to allow to it to starve to death or to get poisoned from low-quality food. The science of feeding of any animal is far not so simple as it seems in appearance.

The hamster needs to put food at least once a day. However the fact that the flat dish is empty does not mean yet that the animal ate all that it was presented to it. It just fills kernels or other gift in cheeks, and stores all got in a lodge. Volumes of storerooms of a hamster need to be controlled - only this way it is possible and to save a hamster from poisoning with the deteriorated products and to learn how many a forage he really eats per day.

The main diet of a hamster consists from natural forage . These are various grains (practically any, the animal itself will decide that it is pleasant to it more therefore to watch for garbage it is desirable to exclude not edabelny from the point of view of a hamster. He will not eat, and you only waste money), vegetables and fruit. There are many various forages where, according to biologists, what is necessary for an animal is collected. The word " will help to distinguish them from fellows; hamster or its derivatives applied on a box with a forage. It is possible to get forages in various specialized shops.

Water always has to be in a cage of a hamster, it is better if the hamster can always find clear water in a special autodrinking bowl. Quite misleading ordinary opinion that water for a hamster can be replaced with watery fruit, vegetables and greens. It is known that there is a lot of water in cucumbers, water-melons, salad, a celery... However in them it is enough not only waters, all watery fruit and vegetables possess unique ability to absorb in themselves various harmful substances. Therefore the huge number of hamsters annually perishes, having got poisoned with cucumbers, water-melons, salad and to that with similar. Watery vegetables and fruit should be given to a hamster very carefully, and better if all of them - from the beds or from a window sill, but not from others aunt or from shop (the chance to get poisoned with the last is much higher!) .

Herbs are also necessary for it. Practically in all special grain mixes for hamsters is dark-green granules from the pressed grass, however very few people from hamsters agree to eat them. It is possible to bring a set of the broken blades from the street in the summer, before the use they need to be washed out for disinfection. The same needs to be done also with vegetables, the hamster organism in this sense nothing from human differs and needs the disinfected food. It is possible to grow up on a window sill oats and green young growth in the winter too to give to a hamster.

And other from our table it is not necessary to give any sausages, cheeses, smoked products. The diarrhea is guaranteed to a poor animal.

Thus, it is necessary to remember only several rules for successful feeding: the food can and will be stored by it in a lodge; nothing is impossible house from our table, but only natural origin; it is too much food not to give.

Successful to you feedings of your pet.