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What is The Omelette for darlings ?

Egg What at first was - egg or chicken? Since the childhood we were given hard boiled eggs, soft-boiled, fed with fried eggs and an omelet YES An omelet, as in kindergarten! You remember such? High and juicy, dense and elastic. Admit honestly whether often at you it turned out such at home?, It seems, and eggs were shaken up, milk, sour cream were added. On a frying pan the magnificent dish turned out. You shift to a plate - the omelet, alas, falls down The secret is that in kindergarten it was prepared not on a frying pan, and in an oven, on a baking sheet. I will tell you subtleties of preparation of this most tasty dish today.

By the nature of the activity I was engaged in flow charts of dishes, it was necessary to work with the Collection of compoundings and state standard specifications. And so, the recipe of an omelet in accordance with GOST looks so:

OMELETTE NATURAL : in accordance with GOST

of Egg or melange - 80 g,

Milk - 30 g,

Salt - 1 g,

the Weight of omletny weight - 110 g,

butter for form greasing - 5 g,

the Weight of a ready omelet - 105 g,

butter - 5 g,

the Exit - 110 g

add milk, salt To eggs or melange. Mix is carefully stirred and poured out in the capacity greased with butter a layer of 25 - 30 mm and put in the cabinet oven (+180... 200 C) for 8 - 10 min. The ready omelet has to have an elastic consistence. At holiday the omelet is watered with butter.

And now explanations. 80 g are one standard C1 egg. Melange - egg powder.

Once my friend sent me the recipe of an omelet for darlings . It has always such iridescent and positive names. And the culinary specialist it from God. Several days can cook cake. And it is eaten in 20 minutes. Just the tongue can be lost. But we will return to a subject. There is its recipe:


2 eggs,

1/4 of a glass of goat kefir,

" cheese; " parmesan; at desire (I love much),

2 tablespoons of the crushed walnuts,

salt, pepper, cilantro, olive oil.

To shake up eggs, to add kefir, nuts, salt, pepper. To pour out on the warmed frying pan with an antiprigarny covering, previously having added one spoon of oil. To allow to be reddened and, having divided into parts, to turn and cover for a short time. To lay out on a plate, to strew with cheese and cilantro. Very easy and healthy dish. Be not surprised if the omelet does not turn out integral, but it will be extraordinary gentle and healthy. It is possible to add still a pinch of a dry chesnochk, but only a little, and that will turn out an omelet for unloved. Also kefir, cheese, cilantro can be replaced with simple products: cow kefir, cheese and parsley, but then will lose the thinnest taste of a dish for your beloved.

It is clear, what the healthy dish - where still is so much lecithin?

And the imperial omelet is still unusual . It is sweet, with raisin and cognac. Probably, therefore also imperial. A little to a gentle biscuit it is similar. It should be tried!


4 eggs,

of 250 g of flour,

of 8 tablespoons of raisin,

2 of h spoon of rum or cognac,

4 tablespoons of sugar,

1 tablespoon of milk,

of 60 g of butter,

icing sugar, salt.

To wash out raisin hot water, to dry on a towel and to sprinkle rum. To sift flour and salt, to add 3 tablespoons of sugar and to part with a yolk and milk before receiving a consistence of dense gruel. To shake up proteins and the remained sugar in hard foam, to mix to the test. In a frying pan to kindle oil, to pour out in it dough and to add raisin. To bake an omelet with the crackling lower crust, to accurately turn and redden the second party. To shift to a dish and to strew all from above with icing sugar.

And further already omelets from different kitchens - from east and western. From Japan and France. Experiment, it it is so fascinating!


In Japan it is called chavan mushch . Very tasty, reminds a pudding, 100% turn out, never fall down.

Calculation goes such: on one egg (large) - 150 ml of water, broth. If eggs average, then 130 ml.

In a bowl it is shaken up two eggs and cold broth (300 ml) is added, there is no broth - just water, salt to taste and it is surely filtered through a metal or simple sieve, it is necessary that our omelet was rovnenky and beautiful.

We put pieces of ham, boiled chicken breast, mushrooms on a bottom of a flat dish, a small pot, mug (volume about 150 ml), at will, who that loves, and we fill a flat dish not to the brim with egg mix, we wrap up top with a foil. We put flat dishes in a pan and we pour water that it covered flat dishes somewhere to the middle. If there is a special support with holes for preparation of dishes on couple, then put on it. 15 minutes prepare on strong fire (on couple), and then 10 minutes on the weakest. To open a foil and to look if egg weight firm - the dish is ready. On structure it reminds a pudding, never falls down, and it can be counted on the number of eaters. At will the omelet from above can be decorated with pieces of broccoli, a tomato. Moves directly in flat dishes.


Parisians like to live with chic, with chic they like to cook and. At the same time they do not pursue expensive products. Long since Frenchwomen somehow learned on - special to do an omelet. From above it has to be slightly reddened, inside - light and air. The skill and skillful hands is for this purpose necessary. Speak in order that in France to become the cook, it is necessary to bake an omelet at first.

4 eggs,

of 4 h. spoons of icing sugar,

2 pieces of butter size about a nut.

To mix yolks with sugar, to beat whites separately and on very hot

a frying pan to bake two omelets. To put one on another and a tax to a table together with compote.

Appetite was played? Then to a plate. Create! And generously share the new recipes! Bon appetit.