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How to prepare a tasty squids dish? I share secrets.

Squids M - m - m! Tasty. Quickly and cheap. One history of ten-year prescription is remembered. I on a visit invited friends. Wanted to surprise them - to please with dainties. Prepared all - only. And on hot - the stuffed squids. Fir-trees, extolled. And after hot - silence. That is, absolutely any emotions. It was not pleasant? It appears, they long time lived in Murmansk, and squids ate only during the periods of a lack of money. They were the cheapest there. So this dish for them was as a reminder on not the happiest years of life. Live and learn.

For me these cephalopod mollusks were always a delicacy. To learn to train them - as easy as shelling pears. And the caloric content of these dishes is low. Only yesterday trained them. Today since morning it is ringing: Give the recipe. It is juicy. What sauce to them did? . And here in that is that and a secret - that specially any did not cook some sauce.

Defroze BEEF STROGANOFF FROM SQUIDS. Drenched with boiled water. Drew. Removed a chitinous plate. Cleaned off a knife the skin remains. In total. The semi-finished product is ready. On it 7 minutes left. In advance cleaned a bulb. Guests came. Frying pan. Vegetable oil. Onions half rings. Fried. At this time cut squids with rings and pieces. In fried onions. Salt. Pepper. IN TOTAL! And now the most important secret - squids from 4 to 7 minutes are stewed. It is no more! Yesterday wearied 4 minutes. Distances juice. Turned out the most delicate. If to add sour cream or mayonnaise at suppression - white sauce will turn out. It is more than 7 minutes of suppression - squids rubber. Time 15 - 20 minutes left. In parallel soup cooked and potato was fried. Independent tasty dish.


This beautiful festive dish. In advance forcemeat for a stuffing prepares. I extinguish a white cabbage with carrots and mushrooms. According to the classical recipe, as for pies. Prepared (cleaned and drawn) I salt carcasses of squids from all directions, and in a cloak as in a pocket, I impose a stuffing. It has to be much. The squid has to be filled hardly. We spread beautiful " rockets; kalmarovy carcasses on the baking sheet oiled by oil. We do a reshetochka of mayonnaise on each carcass. We bake in an oven of 15 minutes at 160 degrees. The main thing - not to overdo! Also there has to be an excess of moisture that they were not dry. In other words - add a little water on a baking sheet. Usually I prepare for each guest on one squid, plus two - just in case. Very tasty!

As - zucchini (or a vegetable marrow) and carrots to cut option for a farshirovka straws, small to chop garlic. Everything carefully to mix, add the cleared shrimps Salmon grated cheese. To stuff with the received stuffing carcasses of squids. Unusually.

The Sakhalin squids salad too always goes with a bang.


Structure: a boiled squid, sesame, the browned onions, carrots, vegetable oil, soy sauce, garlic. to Boil

squids, to cut and fry onions, then carrots till golden color, to add 1 teaspoon of sesame, to cut a squid with straws and to throw into a frying pan. To fry, crumble 1 garlic glove. To give salad cold.

Somehow did brizol of squids. Very much it was pleasant to all. I recommend.


Squids of 1 kg, egg of 2 pieces, salt to taste, pepper, flour of 3 tablespoons, greens. to Clean

squids. To halve each carcass, to beat off properly from two parties a hammer (better wooden - tears up less) so that the carcass of a squid increased on the area of time in one and a half, to dip into batter and to put on the heated frying pan with vegetable oil. To fry to a golden crust from two parties and to lay to have a rest in a saucepan. Through a half-hour, nalezhavshis side by side, squids will become softer, and then they can be skatyvat on one in a tubule, to stack on plates, to decorate with fennel, parsley etc. Or is, without decorating.

Batter: couple of eggs, salt, pepper, flour and water for cultivation of the test to a pancake consistence.


Structure: 1 kg of squids, 250 g of breadcrumbs, vegetable oil, 4 eggs (optional). wash out

of the Carcass of squids (if frozen - defreeze) in cold water and cut ringlets. Break 4 eggs in a plate and mix them to homogeneous mass and salt a little. At first dip ringlets of squids in eggs, and then in breadcrumbs - and send to a frying pan on which vegetable oil is already warmed. Also fry on both sides!

Attention: squids quickly prepare - for 1,5 - 2 minutes from each party!!!

Take out them on a plate, it is possible to add the cut greens.


4 carcasses of squids.

For sauce will be required to 15 g of nuts, 2 slices of white loaf, 3 garlic gloves, 0,5 tablespoons of vegetable oil. Clean

squids and minutes five boil thoroughly them in the boiling added some salt water. Cool, clear of the thin skin remains. Cut strips and mix with sauce.

For sauce turn via the meat grinder nuts with garlic. Wring out the grain crumb soaked in water and, shaking up, gradually mix Orekhovo - the garlick weight and vegetable oil. When weight becomes magnificent and uniform, add several drops of lemon juice.

can Decorate squids with thin circles of a lemon.

Read that 30% of families in Russia regularly eat squids. Only 30% Why? Now they are on sale in all cities. Also cost not much. Is cheaper, than meat. And as they are useful! In the main indicators of nutritiousness - to the caloric content and proteinaceous structure - squids surpass other eaten mollusks and even some fishes, and only slightly concede to beef meat and veal. It is necessary to add to it as well a high exit of production - 80% of mass of a mollusk is used in food. It is worth trying. You will be satisfied.

Tasty to you everyday life and cheerful holidays!