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What needs to be known, buying an annulate parrot?

Reading messages at forums on parrots recently, I with regret noticed that in Russia it is accepted to deceive buyers, selling these exotic birds. Most often sellers do not tell the truth about age of a bird.

In this article I will tell about annulate (ringneck) parrots. We learn how they look and we will learn to define their age.

Why it is so important to know age? First of all for long, healthy and qualitative life of the pet. But it is so important to tame this pet, and to tame an adult bird very difficult, it is almost impossible. It is quite possible that after many months and even years of daily trainings and communication with a bird you will manage to accustom her to sit on a hand or just to be near you, but if you want to put an adult parrot on a back, to stroke under wings, to file to him claws... forget better - at you nothing will turn out.

So how nevertheless to distinguish a baby bird from an adult bird?

1. The baby bird is born with black eyes, and the full plumage receives by one month. Now it looks tousled. This age also is the best for acquisition of a parrot.

2. By 3 - 4 months of life of an eye at an annulate parrot become light (blue around a pupil with almost white protein). At this age the plumage becomes glossy and smooth, unlike a little tousled baby bird.

3. By 6 - 8 months to a podklyuvya there is black, and a beak from carrot - red.

4. From one and a half to three years males get is black - a pink ring around a neck (from here and the name - annulate, ringneck). The ring is the most obvious sign of age of a bird: a parrot with a ring around a neck - the adult. So if try to sell to you a baby bird with a black rim around a neck - be sure, you are deceived.

5. As well as at many bird species, it is impossible to distinguish a male of an annulate parrot from a female at early age on external signs; it is possible to assign gender, having only made blood test.

And now about why I wanted to tell about annulate parrots.

The matter is that the annulate parrot, despite rather small size, possesses many qualities of a big parrot. These birds are very colourful and festively - are beautiful, they taken at early age very strongly become attached to the owner and become big talkers. It is easily possible to teach to carry out them a set of amusing tricks, and it him will give pleasure. At birds rather strong immunity and a good health, excellent appetite. On average such parrot will live in bondage of 25 - 30 years.

Parrots of this look quite easily breed in bondage. The only condition for this purpose - existence of very big cage or the open-air cage.

To a forage annulate parrots are usually not exacting, they well eat all types of grain forages, fruit, vegetables, various greens, etc. of

to Future owners of birds it is also necessary to know that females of annulate parrots have difficult and restive character - they dominate in couple.

There is an opinion that parrots of this look are not speaking. It`s not true, and to that is enough confirmations at least on the Internet - you will find many video in the Network, disproving such statement.

Besides if to look back, in the historical past of annulate parrots, then it is possible to learn that this look gained distribution after clever birds began to be delivered to Caesar. Each such parrot was trained to pronounce the word Caesar .

Are known cases when the annulate parrot had the lexicon consisting more than of 200 words, leaving, thereby, behind some zhako, undisputed leaders garrulities among large parrots.

Interestingly as well the fact that it is the only parrot living on two continents. The homeland of an annulate parrot at the same time are India and Africa.

So if you dream to get a parrot the size more wavy and with big intelligence, begin with annulate.