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How to download from RapidShare file hosting service?

are frequent at users of computers there is a need to find some necessary file. Search results sometimes come to an end with a link (reference) to RapidShare file hosting service.

Many users who did not work with RapidShare and have insufficient knowledge of English, are disappointed after opening of the page. The page dazzles with English. Want some payment in euro - currency.

Be not surprised. Really, offer you as to the respectable user to use service for money. And there is nothing terrible. Around the world there is a mutual settlement.

However if the user has no money, and very much wants to use a file hosting service, then offer it the downloading limited on volume free of charge.

If it is correct to do everything, then the user will receive not only the necessary file, but also big satisfaction.

So, the user received a link.

For example,

of com/files/57751636/RapidShare. doc. html

What to do?

1. To copy a link in an address line the Internet - the browser or to make active it if it active as in this case.

2. To make active the link brought in a line the Internet - the browser.

In the browser will open the new page.

3. Press the Free button which will be in the bottom of the table on the opened page.

In the browser will open the new page.

4. Enter a code into the text field limited to a frame. The code is on the page between the words No premium user. Please enter and the text field limited to a frame into which it is necessary to enter a code.

5. After input of a code in the text field limited to a frame press the Download via Level button () which is to the right of a text field.

Will open a window of the browser in which it will be offered to make a choice of further actions.

6. Choose the answer to Keep on a disk .

7. Press the button OK .

Has to begin downloading the necessary file.


For pumping from a file hosting service use only the utility of downloading of your browser, whether it be Internet Explorer, either Mozilla Firefox, or another.

Do not use for downloading of the Download Master program or others. Programs in itself are very good, but in this case can not receive desirable result.

At a file hosting service reuse without interruption to you will suggest to use it through a certain amount of time which will be specified in the offer: Get your own Premium - account now! Instant download - access! (Or wait XXX minutes) .

XXX - the number of minutes through which it is possible to begin downloading of the file.

Good luck!