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What the general between a nudism and communism?

the Ghost wander about Europe, the naturism ghost. the Lord created

Adam on the image - naked. God too, probably, was not dressed. Pay attention, the Lord expelled Adam and Eve from Paradise only when they put on! In other words, to be dressed - a great sin. Clothes - here the first barrier between people and God. There are people who, seeking to eliminate this barrier, serve the Creator of all real bared. Their names are adamita.

How many is the reasons for an exposure, as much exists groups, parties, fractions and even sects among naked. The purest and innocent among them - a naturism. Naturista - the people possessing the highest moral qualities. These are puritans among naked. They do not drink, do not smoke, do not consume drugs, not , was about to tell, have no sex. But is not present, otherwise it would be not people, and angels. They are bared for a unification with the nature and with other people in original state.

Nudists - those it is simpler. Ideological reasons are alien to them. Just they like to sunbathe stark naked that on a body there was no not suntanned place. Nudists are not those who go on the beach and all the time nags: well, where my clothes, where my clothes? . On the beach it is not necessary to them.

If in party crowd small

to Unite all fans to be bared in powerful party! But, as great Lenin learned before uniting, it is necessary to be demarcated properly. And here, naturist otmezhevyvatsya from nudists, adamita independently are bared, and all of them on the quiet despise exhibitionists. However, the last among true admirers of nakedness do not appear - there is nobody to shock when around naked all already.

Under the auspices of UNESCO in the world ten million fighters for a mankind exposure are registered. Golenkimi liked to stand out Isadora Duncan, ex-the princess Diana and Madonna. The naturism was welcomed by the best minds of mankind. It was preached by Bernard Shaw and Wolfgang Goethe, Albert Einstein and Albert Camus, Lev Gumilev and a mirror of the Russian revolution - Lev Tolstoy. In any case a mirror when the leader of world revolution Vladimir Lenin and his political opponent, the tsar Nicholas II, were the convinced supporters of a nudism. It is a pity that they did not unite on this soil. Lenin preferred to go some other way.

Fight circles for good reason of release World revolution about which need so long spoke is made by

at all not as expected. There is a ruthless fight for release of mankind from pants and brassieres. Worldwide work educational " circles; - clubs of fans of a naked body - nudists and naturist.

The naked idea gets into a people at large more and more deeply. And it is unimportant, you are dressed at present or undressed, it is important that you realize that in the undressed look it is better for you. So, think properly. And suddenly the naturism also is ours light future.

Proklyaty branded

But to a victory of world naked revolution nevertheless it is still very far. Asia holds a controlling stake of human ideas - 51% of the population of the globe live there. And in the countries of the East for bared emergence it is possible to obtain not only a penalty and a public censure, but also the death penalty. Even in such European, but Muslim country as Turkey Islamic fundamentalists consider that men and women have to have a rest by the sea only separately, in specially allotted places. Here at nudist beaches and not to give a hint.

Revolution has to with fists

the Social importance of a naked body be so high that it, a body, is used in various protest actions. A certain Tatyana walked on the main street of the hometown in what mother gave rise, despite fair cold. So she expressed a protest against departure of darling for the PERMANENT RESIDENCE to Germany. Did not get to it - will get to all - there is its slogan. Alas, march of the brave woman - the fighter for national property - ended quickly. Very much biting there was a frost.

Only that revolution costs something which is able to be protected. The mayor of the American city the Fort - George had misfortune to forbid dances by naked child in local bars. In response to it the group of nudists - parachutists decided to work tactics of an air landing. Fourteen brave revolutionaries fell by the naked guilty earth, having much stood out over the city while parachutes smoothly carried them down.

In Indonesia local rangers tried to arrest group of woodcutters - the illegal immigrants stealing wood. But at the height of a round-up of the wife of the caught woodcutters dumped clothes and naked attacked rangers. Those just did not have courage to do harm to new amazons, and they with a shame receded.

To express a protest stark naked much more effectively, than dressed. Somehow in Helsinki group of students were going to protest against not very well what. Demonstration as demonstration, commonplace. But one resourceful student`s leader undressed and got out with the megaphone on a roof. The public response was not slow to be shown.

In Italy something similar was created by members of Radical party. When the party leader Marko Panella condemned privacy of action of the government and demanded that it spoke further only naked truth six activists dumped the clothes.

Long live free work! Though the naturism also sticks to

on sheer enthusiasm, but also it is necessary to live on something. Why to unite a naturism with work.

Naturista did not occupy banks, mail and telegraph yet, but in news services they already take place to be. One of news services in Toronto recovered interest in transfers, having invited to work of persons interested to act as the naked child. Special demands to talents of announcers were not made.

The naturism got also into the production sphere. In one Japanese computer firm two thousand with great dispatch work (!) naked employees. The director of firm claims that, despite the raised expenses on heating, the profit of firm significantly grew.

In a staff of the Czech firm Gabriela 14 employees, young men and women are registered. They work as plumbers and housemaids bared. All are young, have the higher education and the sports category. Probably such work demands uncommon expenses of brainwork and physical endurance.

Somehow in England bared work was offered... police officer. They had to be on duty on the nudist beach. But those refused under a specious excuse that they, say, will have no place to carry a handheld transceiver and the gun.

However, any work has the costs. But when I told the friends about naked hairdressers, all amicably regretted them: Poor creatures, as they should suffer these hair climbing and sticking everywhere .

We ours, we will build the new world

In Brazil at the initiative of federation of nudists the city building in which the ban on appearance of naked people in public places is withdrawn is begun. It is provided to build two hundred houses, shops, restaurants, schools. There will be both banks, and mail, and telegraph. They should not be taken storm to approve the power of naked.

Is on the planet of the place where nudists feel as in paradise already now. Paradise Lakes in Florida became the spontaneous capital of a nudism. Hundreds of naturist live here, without feeling need for clothes. Why, if temperature in local places does not fall lower than 28 degrees? Bared respectable citizens walk the streets, make purchases, work. At them bloodless naked revolution already came true.

It is much simpler to contract marriage by naked child there, than in the same France. Generally, any wedding comes to the end with an undressing, but, as a rule, alone. The French laws forbid to appear in public places, such as the city hall, bared. Recently newlyweds - nudists bypassed the law really with the French grace. That their marriage was considered taken place, they came to the city hall dressed, and at once after registration undressed together with all guests. The bride in one veil and a bouquet a crape of a d`oranzh looked charmingly...