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How to struggle with an autumn depression?

the Come fall, besides unique beauty of a leaf fall, introduces feeling sadly familiar to every second autumn spleen or, speaking language of science, a photodependent depression. The bright summer behind, ahead long months of winter, snow and frosts, under legs champs slush, the sky spills the sad drizzling rain - how here not to plunge into melancholy and grief...

Individuals, of course, find forces and energy to resist to seasonal meteosensitivity, on their calendars August continues to count days, and in their souls there lives the eternal summer. But such to a disgrace it is not enough persons, some pathetic 20 percent from mankind lump. And here what to do to the rest 80 - ti to percent of depressiruyushchy citizens? To migrate to the warm countries? No! To be locked houses, to curtain windows and to try to renounce as much as possible autumn reality? No! To treat a noble spleen alcohol? No, is not present and once again not!

Americans in similar cases run at full speed to the family psychoanalyst, lay down on a convenient couch and all the grieves and sorrows pour out. Get the qualified advice, smile and go to build Great American Dream with easy soul and joyful heart. On boundless Russian open spaces the role of the family psychoanalyst, as a rule, carries out the legendary invention of Dmitry Mendeleyev famous in the world as Vodka Russian . In especially critical cases the panacea from sincere adversities is diluted with the neighbor - the drinking companion sharing adversities and vales. But what to do to those to whom a way red-nosed Jedi absolutely not to liking, and visit of the psychoanalyst is not included into the item of expenditure? To relax and derive pleasure! There is the one who already made everything for you - and to the doctor descended, and vox populi listened. So, vnemlit and rejoice!

The qualified psychotherapists with all gravity consider an autumn depression not as just bad mood, but the most real illness. Decrease in light day involves decrease in melatonin and serotonin, responsible for our emotions, the food loses vitamin abundance, the person begins to move less, to be tired quicker, and as a result comes down to an angedoniya - loss of feeling of pleasure. And this piece is more terrible Fausta Goethe!, It seems, nothing hurts, cough does not torment, cold does not disturb, on the contrary - the mojito in a throat does not climb, loud music causes only irritation, and cheerful people - misanthropy attacks. But on that psychotherapists are also called doctors that they in a stock had several effective councils how not to allow a dark side of Force to seize inquisitive minds. So, it agrees online - to Miroslav Turchints`s councils to return a sound mind to a sound body, it is necessary:

1) To break off the vicious chain conducting to an illness, as soon as possible. Light quiet music, bright house lighting, contrasts motley on the general cloudy background, even if in clothes - your best friends on coming autumn - the winter period.

2) can Break sad monotony of everyday life sharp change of a situation. Any will approach culturally - entertaining action - cinema, theater, an exhibition. The main thing - not to remain alone with itself and not to indulge in self-abasement.

3) Healthy nutrition. To compensate a lack of vitamins by abundance fat, sharp and sweet - not the best idea. As a result it is necessary to struggle not only with seasonal melancholy, but also with heels - others of extra kilos.

However in spite of the fact that all these councils are effective and tested by generations, they remain only common truths. That - that, and common truths never have special success, being forced out by popular wisdom and a friend advice. Behind the last, without philosophizing crafty, we addressed bloggers. In - the first, whatever one may do, and blogs were, is and will be the most developed social network. And in - the second to refer to opinion of Network community, according to the recent trends dictated by glossy editions, terribly fashionably and innovatively. The answer to the asked question - how to struggle with autumn melancholy? - did not keep itself waiting long:

If the autumn depression finds me (that happens very seldom), then I struggle with it so:

1. First of all I recognize that the fall came and it is sad to me from it.

2. I try to fall in love the come fall, for this purpose: to

and) I take the camera and I go to photograph smart autumn it is red - yellow landscapes;

) I bring together friends on shish kebabs outdoors;

in) we watch with the wife in the evenings good kind movies (it is desirable melodramas) - from them the soul myagchet and better accepts fall;

of) here so gradually the depression also passes.

(c) fotopurs

It is not necessary to struggle with a depression. It should be tasted, and that will pass by spring, and will not notice how passed time for watching with a sad look in a window. By the way, the autumn depression always helps to think over global problems and that the most important, to solve them.

(c) of ibo_losig

Still it is possible to arrange walks with the friend or friends. Better with friends and what them would be much. And any alcohol. I noticed that in a depression alcohol only aggravates situation.

Can spend a lot of money for any autumn pieces. Helps both the man and the woman, honestly.

It is possible to leave where - nibud to the country on shish kebabs, or just to sit.

Main - never to remain to one... My such opinion.

(c) scofdrem

Still it is possible to collect sukhotsveta and to spin from them everyone, it is possible to roll in leaves. It is impossible to remain one even in the fall, it is necessary to go once a week to go out with the friends or to invite guests. It is necessary to create in the fall even if never traded in it: to mold, draw, knit or spin. Not to allow soul to fall asleep. To buy the thick beautiful book and to put there mixed leaves.

(c) katenkart

Energy of melancholy should be sublimated in creativity: that to reject something, it is necessary to endure it, and with a depression - steeped in it, experienced fall, wrote a floor of ton of verses, the kind story, oil pisnut a picture - and Mona and to distract from all these grusty.

(c) _ivit_

generally how many people, are so much also opinions. But the main thing one - it is necessary to struggle with a depression on all fronts. Accept as the fact that the melancholy is not manifestation of your personal weakness, and quite natural scientific phenomenon, and forward - behind happiness, a positive and in the eternal summer!