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How to avoid a close acquaintance with the Thai prison?

Many people like to travel, but very few people get acquainted previously with criminal codes of that country where goes. And it in spite of the fact that the rule " practically everywhere works; ignorance does not exempt from liability . The majority of standard and well-known crimes does not need the additional explanation. But sometimes meet such about which did not suspect and did not even know that for similar offenses can put in prison or much more

the opinion that Thailand is the country of sex and sex - the industries that girls are available there Occurs and with them it is possible to do everything that you want. Actually it is possible only on some streets of Bangkok and Pattaya. Honor for the East - all this. Quite instructive case happened to the Russian tourist who in drunk waste slapped the stewardess of the Thai airlines on a bottom. On an arrival it was expected by police officers and two-month term in the Thai prison, it besides a daily penalty for stay with the expired visa (500 Guys / days ~ 450 rubles, a course 33. 03 Guys = $1). Similar arrest can expect also those who showed a liberty in relation to a tayka and in the country, out of pronounced tourist enclaves.

The insult of a royal dynasty is also punished by imprisonment. On each banknote and a coin there is an image of the king for this reason them it is impossible to trample down money, to laugh at them and to do other gestures which can be regarded as an insult. Therefore when you read various reports of ridiculous laws, at the author data that in Thailand it is forbidden to trample down money do not raise a smile, it is not the ridiculous law. Besides money there are a lot of king`s portraits on streets, it is necessary to treat the actions and gestures more attentively.

Use of counterfeit money is punished quite cruelly. It is possible to get into custody not only because the currency of the foreign state was false, but also just on suspicion. Therefore it is desirable to check dollars on the homeland, in case of a fake it is necessary to communicate in the native language, unlike Thailand and detention it will be possible to avoid. Circulation of foreign currency over the country is impossible therefore it is necessary to change cash dollars on local Guys (it is read as baht).

In some countries the use of narcotic substances, or " is authorized; doses for the personal use . " hemp import; for at detection it can be fraught with the death penalty, besides imprisonment. Cases of successful transportation nevertheless are available, but I advise nobody to check in practice. Also happens that narcotic substances on the street suggest to buy. Most often it is distributing as literally the police officer in a few minutes approaches, and to pay off from him costs expensive sometimes. It is undesirable to take any things from strangers. Similar already became a reason for numerous screen versions ( Bangkok - Hilton as the example), here only hepp - and in life practically does not happen, and an opportunity to study prison from within fifteen years is quite real.

Most important: to avoid acquaintance to local prisons is closer, than behind a bus window, it is necessary to remember: Do not carry coals to Newcastle, and to monasteries with the charter do not go . And the rules given above are the most broken (especially the first two), more on ignorance, and for such violations waits for quite cruel punishment.