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Whether there is a sexual attractiveness a muscle? Whether

Exist sexual attractiveness a muscle?

the Indisputable symbol of male sexuality, of course, are muscles. The reasons of such relation to athletic forms are not settled only by physiological magic of man`s muscles. Human sexuality was never area of purely animal manifestations, it is distinguished by the highest extent of socialization. And it means that external signs of sexuality are formed in society rather, than are set by the nature. As a result there is curious situation when things which are outright not connected with a sexual instinct, for example, black translucent stockings are considered erotic.

Society sensitively corrected uncontrollable call of a floor would seem. Any man will confirm that female nakedness only strengthens physical desire, however awakens its miracle of the dressed woman which is given rise by art of fashion and a make-up.

As for specific female addictions, as show researches, for women everything that is considered a sign of vital success is erotic. The woman cannot leave indifferent the smart high-speed car, it is desirable red color, hours Rolleks a chubby check-book or an exotic bungalow on Canary Islands. And it is natural. All these expensive pleasures unmistakably testify to the machismo force, persistence and temperament. For the same reason the nature imperiously declares itself in the woman when the speech comes about male muscles. The woman is very sensitive to physical qualities as male weakness in the broadest sense represents for it - wives and mothers - the biggest danger.

At the modern man who neglects sport, is practically not present chances harmoniously to arrange private life. Communication with it will never become for the woman the vital shock realizing all her physiological potential.

The modern woman to

It is similar to the predecessors, the modern woman dreams of force. And as a decade ago, it scoops standards from cinema. One of lines of a present film ideal - a strong well-muscled body. Shvartsnegger, Stallone, Gibson materialized intimate female dream of harmony of a machismo, having set a new reference point to claims of young ladies. To those claims, refusal of which usually expensively costs the woman who married. Sports athleticism of a figure was always sexually attractive to the woman, however today is just a condition of male sexuality.

Charm of force

One of secrets of male charm - knowledge of female problems. The modern woman at all the tremendous external showiness remains touchingly weak and socially limited being. Society offers it more and more stunning standards which are good on varnish covers of magazines, but are intolerable in the real life. The demands to appearance made by the modern world, one of the biggest, vsedovleyushchy and often groundless sources of female complexes. Constraint, tension, affectation - only top of an ice iceberg of the disbelief in arising on a joint of claims and reality. Illegibility in communications - other side it is total a porazivshegozhenshchina of a complex of uncertainty, fear to get lost and not to take place in the indifferent and disharmonious world.

Muscles of the man inspire in the woman hope. They deliver the mass of pleasure to her vanity, approving it in own eyes. They cover the woman for fears which as it seems to her, surrounded her from all directions. They relieve it of the main female fear - before life. Besides they stabilize marriage, relieving of unnecessary temptations.