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Shchelkonogov`s matrix. Phases of development of the project.

the Organization consist of people and similarly endures the same cycles of changes. Therefore development of the project cyclic and multiple to seven days, weeks, months, years. We will speak about phases of development of process year since within a year it is possible to track the general tendency of development or degradation, annual term is a unit of measure also owing to the astronomical reasons. Within a year the earth finishes a full cycle of rotation around the sun; reducing scale, it is possible to claim that within a year the head completely studied all characteristics of the external and internal worlds, and the most important - is able to define a human and administrative resource.

It is meant that the period of predesign preparation is complete, everything is prepared for action, a key on start - the project was given life.

1. The first phase - the first year - the Interaction Phase.

Zero level of development of the project, actual lack of appliances, as a result, utter impossibility of carrying out financial examination.

An active role is played by a human factor, participants of the project trust and hope that their calculations are competent that at them everything will turn out, actively support in this belief each other, the phase has character emotionally - elation. (...)

2. The second phase - the second year - the Interference Phase.

Participants of the project could organize a negotiating table and worry the first year. The project began to live, got a worthiness, and now development of the process influences feedback participants and external partners. The most important is the fact that the second year is entirely devoted to real practical activities, and those participants who remained in the project began to influence actively at each other. In this Phase there are requirements of a material world compelling participants to the further movement and development. In foreign policy there are sponsors and partners, the project undertakes obligations which also compel to activity, to further work. Now not the teams of the management proceeding from above domestic and foreign policy influence at each other, and the Project influences both domestic policy, and external. (...)

3. The third phase - the third year - Vzaimootrazheniya`s Phase.

By the principle of a straight line and feedback the project manager obtains information on the real situation with accent on traditional character business - processes. Mutually reflection in 90% of cases has character of rejection! People do not accept your management, the project, the belief and hope in success of the commercial enterprise finally ran low.

However, both participants of the project undertook obligations, and partners. Therefore, the third year - an indicator who and as it is capable to fulfill the undertaken obligations, is capable to service! This phase appeared the well-known phrase: And for whom it is easy? This phase really pokazyvayetvsyu degree of risk of the head, because the king is played by suite! . (...)

4. The fourth year - the fourth phase - Vzaimoopredeleniya`s Phase.

The project plan and its realization become indissoluble entities. The most important, most significant points as tactics - strategic planning, and a production cycle are solved.

From the point of view of team building, this phase is called cleaning of shots . It is the Equator phase in implementation of the project: all of us - reached peak Everest of planning and now everything works for us, or we will be rolled away back. The fourth phase is Truth moment . (...)

5. The fifth phase - the fifth year - the Interpenetration Phase.

Distinctive feature - the fact that the outside world in the person of enemies and competitors was defined in the relations with you and put inherently the banners before you, otherwise, allowed you to get into this sector of economy.

This phase defines penetration of your project into a real material world. Coexistence, interaction of two worlds enriches life of your project with ampler opportunities of active work and creativity in transformation of environment, i.e. in realization of an essence and sense of your project. (...)

6. The sixth phase - the sixth year - Vzaimostanovleniya`s Phase.

The principle of power dynamic balance demands to restore balance of forces internal and the outside worlds. For example, the era of deficiency demanded saturation of the market goods and services, and literally in ten years the market was saturated. As a result, need for a numerous class of managers - technologists disappeared.

Now natural expansion of business is connected only with a possibility of occupation of third-party firms, business integration - fierce competition. Opening of new sectors, new segments is connected with global idea that happens in the history of once a millennium. There is a need for managers - creators, creators of new service, a new product. (...)

7. The seventh phase - the seventh year - Vzaimootstaivaniya`s Phase.

It is characterized by intensive type of managing, accumulation of the greatest possible material resources. All efforts of the organization are aimed at providing and protection of interests of the project.

However market capacity is not infinite and potential resources of generation of profit fall that causes system crisis, and, as a result, all process begins anew at more or less high evolutionary level. The new project is started. Predesign preparation for which had to begin on the 4th phase (to a question of prevention of crises), on Vzaimoopredeleniya`s phase, at peak of implementation of the previous project, at peak of financial and administrative resources! (...)

The most objective system indicator is the basic organizational unit - a family. Crises of the family relations of third and seventh are caused by the fact that family members through interference became same, i.e. similar at each other as twins. And they are not able to defend each other, they are not capable to defend an essence and sense of the project under the name Our family because there is no objective real expert assessment to the events. And in case essences and meanings in the form of cultivation of children, accumulation of material wealth, rise on a scale of ranks, increase in professional level are absent, there comes system crisis which is not simple to be overcome at all.

First signs the family third anniversary - Vzaimootrazheniya`s phase in which family members find out whether any Idea at each of participants of the project as the carrier of this idea is available is? Whether their joint idea of the Family is demanded in the outside world? And in a case when in the third phase definite, clear and concrete answers on all questions are received, the seven-year phase as mutually upholding of life, work, creativity rather without serious consequences flows in a phase of new interaction.

It is important to consider the fact that over the years our physiological, intellectual, spiritual flexibility falls under the exponential law, and we are not capable to new interactions, to the new project any more! Thus, there is a choice: or we remain with the spouse / spouse at this level, we live up to pension, or the family breaks up, and each of spouses looks for the new partner necessary for implementation of the new project. (...)

Practical experience says that passing of any of phases is possible over a year that it is connected with inertia of rest of big human masses or with their nonprofessionalism, inexperience or just stupidity of the management. But reduction of passing of a phase to even is unreal 10 months. As the earth cannot turn back around the Sun in 9 - 11 months. It is impossible to change a natural evolutionary way of development! History already repeatedly proved that all revolutionary jumps turned into rolling in less progressive social form.

A standard mistake in reasonings is the idea that the structure of the organization or the state in itself strengthens possibilities of an individual. It is necessary to realize the fact that the structure of the organization is only a consequence of a power framework, and in cases when the idea leaves hierarchical structure, we observe instant disintegration of public structure. An example - the USSR. As soon as the ideology of CPSU stopped meeting expectations and the needs of citizens of the country, within several moments the country failed. And, as a result, public cooperation and as more notable material consequence - economic relations broke that caused a sharp impoverishment of the country, both ideological, and political, and military, and economic.

Becomes clear that the uniform national idea in the Russian Federation will not appear yet, any attempts of reorganization of structure of the power are senseless. The ideological doctrine, and only then economic because Consciousness initially, and Life again is necessary to everything.

Material Life in the seventh phase defends an ideologem on feedback in case the ideologem showed in essence and to sense the best economic efficiency!