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The best medicine or what it is better than drugs?

At one person the father very seriously got sick. Doctors lowered hands, having told that he needed to live few days. But his son did not want to be reconciled with it. He, by all means, decided to rescue the father.

But it is not the hall as to make it. His father was treated in the best clinics, he took the most expensive medicine, but nothing helped. But his son did not lose hope. One morning, walking in the woods, and kicking with legs dry leaves, the remarkable thought came to its mind. He lifted a dry piece of a tree from the earth and carried it to the jeweler, having asked to make for it a frame of the most expensive materials. And here, when work was ready, the guy took this piece of wood in precious processing and went to hospital to the father where doctors expected it death any day.

With gloss in eyes having entered into chamber, it told: Father! I brought you healing! You will not be ill any more! You will live! And it pulled out the treasure: Here it! It is a part of a cross on which Jesus Christ was once crucified. It is washed by its blood and cures all who with belief will apply it to a sore point. I got it especially for you, it costed me big efforts, take it!

And the miracle did not keep itself waiting long. In several days, doctors, without understanding that all - occurred, were forced to write out the patient home, from an illness and a trace did not remain. There lives a person and rejoices, and the son patiently keeps the secret.

So rescued it? Old chip or gold kayemochka? No, his belief , belief that this healing is possible rescued. And the illness receded. It receded not under the pressure of drugs and professionalism of doctors. It receded before belief, and only before it. Only there was enough belief.

One more example. The woman read in the Bible the phrase If you have belief in mustard grain and you will tell a grief Rise and pass " there; that so it will also be . That`s great, she thought - at me just in a kitchen garden the heap of manure lies, and to take a shovel and to move it somewhere just laziness. And here easy such way. The woman thinks: where - that to take belief to me? Poposhchus week, I will pray, likely enough belief will be saved up at me, the small group everything is is not really big. There passes week, there is a woman to a kitchen garden and speaks to the heap of manure: Rise and pass there! Any effect. It is even louder: Rise and pass " there;. But the miracle did not happen. So I also thought! - the woman sighed. And the reason of its failure also consisted in this phrase - so I and thought that nothing will turn out! The belief does not collect, or it is - or it is absent. This state of mind.

It is the main component of any success. And in treatment, and business, and in all the rest. Likely not for nothing in the song popular now it is sung: I know precisely impossible is nothing The Main thing not to doubt it. And if every day you repeat in front of the mirror: I the most charming and attractive eventually, you will believe in it. And from this point - you already really the most charming and attractive.

In the Writing it is written: On your belief yes will be to you . If you believe in something, then so it also will be! It is necessary just to trust and not to doubt! It is simple to trust though to trust not so - that simply.

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