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What to do if the result is not achieved? Well, in any way! Part 3.

Practically each of us can cope with Success,

but the very few can cope with Failure.

A our Failures is also steps on the way to Success.

Baudot Schaffer

Termination. You can read the beginning here, continuation here.

So, it seems, the victory is reached, and it is possible, having relaxed, to rest on laurels.

Many people and do, losing very much and a lot of things But it not about you!

Having coped with it, so recently seeming impracticable, business, carry out the final analysis - flight analysis . It is your most important result which will serve to you in the future very good service.

So, conclusions which should be made of the final analysis.

1. The reasons, on which business did not go . You already have intermediate results, sketchy records and any clever thoughts which came to your mind after achievement of ideal result. Clever thinking always comes after! However, who knows, can they to you still will be useful in the future. Record everything that comes to mind in an order, convenient for you.

2. Find out the reasons of mistakes. What it is necessary to make that they did not repeat.

3. What external circumstances which influenced achievement of result were not taken into consideration? Why? How to consider them in the future?

4. What useful skills you gained, solving this, seeming impracticable, a task? In what adjacent areas they can be used? How to develop them further?

5. With what new people you got acquainted in the course of achievement of the purpose? How these people can be useful to you in the future? What problems can be solved with their help in the future? What else can be learned from these people what to learn what people necessary to you it is possible to contact through them?

6. And so on...

Try to derive the maximum benefit from this analysis. Believe when such blamestorming session will become at you a habit, it will be much easier for you to live, and tasks which you will be able to solve will be much above an average .

But there is more to come! To derive benefit, so to the maximum!

And now let`s plan your personal algorithm of the solution of difficult situations which will regularly arise at you on a course of life.

Business it, of course, individual, but the basic principles are identical to all.

1. If something is impossible to you - relax and think over alternative (paradoxical) ways of a solution. Any problem has at least one to a disgrace simple decision.

2. You ask for help and connect to the decision of other people. Other person can prompt you the decision, and of what you even did not think.

3. It is very useful (as a hobby) to be engaged some practical (bringing in both the income, and just pleasure) in business which assumes continuous overcoming of difficulties (and the addictions, in particular).

4. Try to arrive as often as possible as you never arrived. To read the book which you would never read, to watch the movie not of that genre which you love, to go to have a rest there where you never were. Etc. Such actions broaden your horizons and accustom to watch consciousness at the world more widely. Therefore, when there is a difficult situation, it will be easier for you to look at it from the different points of view to analyse by bigger amount of criteria. Oh, as pseudoscientifically bent!

5. At achievement even of the smallest result - you praise and encourage yourself.

6. And the main thing - get idiotic habit to rejoice to difficulties and failures . It will also lift you over gray weight other people. Each failure is an opportunity to develop and self-improve, a step on the way to Success.

To your Success!

Now all!