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What to do if the result is not achieved? Well, in any way! Part 2.

Practically each of us can cope with Success, but the very few can cope with Failure. And our Failures are also steps on the way to Success.

Baudot Schaffer

So, we learn to overcome syndrome of a fly . The beginning can be read here.

We do the following.

1. First of all relax, have a rest, spit on this business, dump importance . I understand that it is impossible, urgently, important, etc. So what? All the same it is impossible! Relax, have a rest from this race.

2. Imagine the most negative consequences of non-performance of this super - a puper of an important task. Presented Bring it to grotesque now! You for it are killed, take away the apartment, put in a hole, starved! Brrrr. Return to reality. Everything is not so tragic, isn`t it? Well that can be if to you does not carry? Condemnation of colleagues, short-reception of any sum of money, not advance on a career ladder etc. All this can be worried, isn`t it?

3. Having convinced that everything is not so bad, you ask for help. At all, who though somehow can help. Do not hesitate. You already tried to solve a problem alone and what? Here - here.

4. Now, having calmed down, having had a rest, having convinced that nothing terrible happened and having listened to councils of all whom it is only possible, we start the analysis of a situation. Ask yourself the following questions. Why this business was more difficult, than earlier it seemed? What factors are not considered? Why habitual methods do not work? Why the plan for achievement of result (if it was) did not work?. Write down each question on a single sheet of paper and write so many answers how many will come to mind, including also the most ridiculous (from your point of view).

5. Make the new plan of achievement of the purpose, considering all conclusions from the previous point. Begin with the description of a situation in which you are now, considering all details, up to your feelings. Wrote? Then describe a situation of ideal result which you have to reach that will signal that the task is carried out. Describe as it is possible in more detail, up to a pride for performance of such difficult task.

6. Now from ideal result go down to situations here and now . It is better to make it graphically! For descriptive reasons. Believe, such paradoxical thinking from the end by the beginning is much more effective usual, from a situation to ideal result. You as if you remember what has to be done for achievement ideal result . Very in detail write down (draw) everything steps also define intermediate results which will show, hundred you overcame this step . These intermediate results have to be really achievable.

7. Begin to implement the plan. Accurately, it is freezed, mechanically. At achievement of intermediate result praise yourself.

8. Get to yourself own Book of records . It can be a notebook or just computer file. When the next intermediate result is achieved, write down it in Book of records . Read it more often! Ideally - every morning. And always, when you are occurred by bad thought of the " type; I am a loser . Or just like that, for a mood raising

9. Begin achievement of the following with the analysis of the previous stage. Perhaps, the situation changed and it is necessary to introduce amendments? If necessary, if again the result is not achieved, carry out the additional analysis. Ask questions from point 4. Only do not begin to fight about " glass;. You not a fly, and person! On the basis of the new analysis we make the modifed plan of achievement of the next intermediate result. Act according to this plan before its full realization.

10. At achievement of the next result praise yourself again. Carry out the analysis of the following stage And so before achievement of the main thing - Ideal Result.

11. And here - a victory! The ideal result is achieved. Write down so impressive (without quotes) achievement in own Book of records . Be glad, praise yourself.

Now, you think, it is possible to relax?

As if not so!

The termination follows.