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What to do if the result is not achieved? Well, in any way! Part 1.

Practically each of us can cope with Success,

but the very few can cope with Failure.

A our Failures is also steps on the way to Success.

Baudot Schaffer

U of each of us in life situations when something is impossible happen. And you fight, fight, you apply more and more forces, and there is no result or, either it is few, or it is still worse, than was in the beginning!

What is done in that case by the ordinary person? Begins to fight even stronger. Again it is impossible! Having been tired of fruitless attempts, eventually speaks to himself: I am a loser! also lowers hands. And (or) begins to look for guilty. It is impossible To me because someone (something) throws a monkey-wrench into the works of me .

Eventually, permanent disgust for this occupation is formed. Naturally, it not only does not yield result, but also is the generator of negative emotions.

Well and what can achieve in such state? To bring yourself to a nervous breakdown, again to try and I Guarantee

that even if you also will achieve eventually the necessary result, you do not derive pleasure from it. Moreover, only one mention of it will be unpleasant to you and to make once again something similar by

A little psychology. Most of people when there is a difficult situation, try to solve the it checked, habitual means. And if it is impossible, just increase the number of attempts.

You know what it reminds?

Saw sometime a fly who fights about glass? A task of a fly - to take off on the street. It is the solution of a task, ideal result which should be reached. We will not take in attention time frames yet. Simply - it is necessary to appear on that side of glass. And so the habit (an instinct, a reflex) speaks to a fly: If the purpose is visible (the street behind glass), it is necessary to fly directly if it is not flown, it is necessary to double (to treble, decuple) effort and there will be to you happiness i.e. performance of a task . So, our fly disperses, udesyateryat efforts and... oh - Bach! Falls deafened on a window sill.

Having recovered, again flies up, disperses and The cm the paragraph is higher Full paragraph!

And in the neighboring room the window can be open. In a window in which the fly fights the window leaf can be open. The entrance door regularly opens, it is necessary to choose a moment only. Generally, task solutions without dissecting of a forehead enough. It is only necessary to find them. But here the fly disperses again and

So, we will overcome syndrome of a fly .

So it is necessary to do that if serious work is not done:

1. to achieve result;

2. to derive pleasure;

3. to derive from these difficulties benefit for itself (Huge advantage!) ;

4. on the basis of the analysis of problems (and still there will be many these problems, believe) to make the personal algorithm solutions of the solved problems ?

Symptoms syndrome of a fly are very simple. Business which needs to be made, does not go the spent efforts do not bring result, and in general, by habitual methods the task does not want to be solved (or does not wish).

So if these symptoms it is available (or on a face) to work with habitual methods it is simply unhealthy. Both mental, and corporal. And how to work in this concrete case - it is unknown. And it is necessary to work!

Of course, it is necessary!

Only actions happen different

Be continued.