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How to reduce expenses on the modem Internet several times?

This article for novice users . Also concerns only those who go on-line for information search, but not for entertainments.

Recently one my acquaintance very with conviction proved to my family that I spend a fantastic sum for the Internet, just I hide it and that it cannot just be that I for the Internet spent much less, than for phone conversations.

And here I remembered several stories with shutdowns of computers at work after scoldings from the administration, and still remembered that really in the first months it was necessary to pay impressive bills. And nobody wised up me while I did not dokumekat.

And so I also decided to share experience, I hope, it is useful to you and really will help to save. Expenses on the Internet can be reduced several times only at the expense of the correct organization of work on search and the analysis of information.

1. So, first of all we get reference . At me it is a problem of Outlook To LOOK it is possible somewhere in my documents to create the Word file under the same name. The main thing that it could be found and opened quickly.

2. Never we take ourselves for the rule of nothing to look through on - line unless fluently. Once again I will make a reservation that it concerns only work with information.

3. Because links are opened in two ways (in the same window or in a new window of a browser), by information search it is necessary to watch closely it. If a link is opened in a new window, then the green " button; back (an arrow in the top left corner of the screen) turns pale and becomes sulfur. And if this button with an arrow and remained green, a link means it was opened in the same window. For example, links of search results of Yandex will be opened in a new window, and links to articles will be opened in the same window.

Let`s say you look for something through search engine of Yandex. Entered inquiry, waited for results. In search results about ten references to the page, plus a contextual advertizing, plus references to other pages of search results are issued. We press on the first reference and we look in screen top - as soon as there is a new heading, turn the page, without waiting for its loading. Thus we open and we turn all links and at the end surely we open the second page of search results. When this page was loaded, by means of the panel of tasks or a task manager we check just in case whether the penultimate page was loaded and we are disconnected from the Internet.

Then quietly and attentively we look through everything that to us was given out by the searcher. Here keep in mind - the fact that it is necessary for you, can be a small and hardly noticeable reference somewhere below and sideways the checked page, and the page can be perfect quite another thing .

I pretty often face it during the work with the website. When people look for something on my website about it something one - two lines of the text or a small reference, but my website in search results on the second place, and the necessary website, where it something it is in detail described - somewhere on 47 - m. Strange, but fact. Therefore attentively look through everything that is, including advertizing.

Therein we copy all interested links in our reference To LOOK . If in the top ten of search results there is no what is necessary, are connected to the Internet and in the same way we study the second page of search results, plus is opened and we turn all links from To LOOK . And so on.

Also we copy and then we open packs interesting links from letters.

Now - as I work with the website Life . Here links are opened in the same window. Therefore during mail fence I at first download one interesting page, I copy from it all interesting links, I am again connected to the Internet, I open and I turn all these links, I wait for loading of the last, I am disconnected by

and then already I read all interested articles. All checked references from To LOOK at once we delete.

If all of you - did not keep and clicked the link on - line - look at the " button; back . If it shows a new window - turn, without waiting for loading - see when be disconnected. And if a link was opened in the same window, but you are not ready to be disconnected yet - then just save the file. If it does not remain, then it is necessary to copy the necessary piece in some again created file or to be disconnected and study as it is necessary.

That`s all knowledge. However it allows to cut expenses on the Internet several times. Besides, allows to study more scrupulously found information.

I hope, my councils will help not only to save, but also razveit the myth about high cost and danger of the Internet.

P. S.: And not to get on money and not to pay a lot of superfluous for connection with some Brazil where, as we know, there are a lot of wild monkeys, you remember - if during your travel on the World Wide web suddenly without your initiative number set (went at the modem Internet) - it is necessary just to take out the telephone plug as in a different way it will be possible to break off connection hardly.

All good!