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How measure reserves of health of the person? Part 1.

the Priority task socially - economic development of the Russian state are health protection of people. Recently in structure of incidence and mortality occupied the diseases connected with the changing ecological conditions of environment, a way of life, the work mode, influence of production and social impacts on the person.

A civilization, big cities, scientifically - technical progress: all this brings down on us factors, dangerous to the person, such as acceleration of rate of life, deficiency of time, the social conflicts. Possibilities of a human body are not boundless. Working very much and earning money, we do not notice how we lose forever health which at us one. Therefore, it is important to know what opportunities at a human body what working capacity at it and what strain to it is better not to experience.

From big variety of methods of medical supervision and inspections, this complex is one of the most popular and the most informative. In the considered integrated approach all range of values of physiological indicators is divided into six zones, everyone which has quality standard (critically, very badly, badly, well, it is good, excellent). The complex includes thirteen tests, some of them priority. For example, general working capacity. Proceeding from this test, the computer automatically calculates consumption of oxygen and minute volume of blood circulation.

Should noting that this complex is designed, as well as for the adult, and for children till fourteen years. The child`s organism considerably differs from the adult. Therefore, some tests directed to clarification of the same quality are carried out differently. For example, flexibility of a backbone: the adult gets up on a curbstone and lasts as low as possible, the child carries out this test, sitting, it reaches for legs, without bending knees.

In an asset of this complex it is possible to write down that the expensive equipment is not required. Of course, you will not be able to measure reserves of the organism in house conditions as at you will hardly be a lung-tester and the computer program processing data it is heavy to get. But the large enterprises, private firms and other institutions quite often practice this testing. At me at school, once a year, within a physical education class this examination is conducted.

With what this testing begins? From filling of biographical particulars. Personal information (a full name, age, sex) is entered, it is important for processing of test results. Also, sometimes suggest to answer questions of a way of life (amount of the drunk alcohol, the smoked cigarettes in day how many hours you sleep what work, whether you do exercises). It is important too as life is full of stresses and is very intensive. After you answered these questions, it is possible to start practical part.

At first growth, weight - anthropometrical indicators is measured by . There is a certain formula giving an assessment of a ratio of growth and weight, based on definition of number of grams of body weight on one centimeter of its growth. Ideally the coefficient has to be in the range from 340 to 385. I will give an example. Growth: 175 cm, weight: 65 kg (65000 grams). We divide weight (in grams) into growth (in centimeters). 65000:175=371 - ideal of weight - growth coefficient .

Further measure arterial pressure . I will remind that normal systolic pressure has to be within 115 - 120 millimeters of mercury column, and diastolic 70 - 80. I will continue by

In the second part the story about all other tests.