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Why Emil Zola died when did not gather on " at all; next world ?

on September 28, 1902, 105 years ago, on half of the Parisian apartment on Bryusselskaya Street were found in an unconsciousness Emil Zola and his wife Aleksandrina. The arrived physicians stated: the writer cannot be brought to life, he already died, and the spouse can try to be rescued. It was brought to hospital where brought round. After that madam Aleksandrina lived 23 more years.

Poisoning with carbon monoxide was called a cause of death of the writer. Incidentally or purposely, but the furnace flue from above was hammered with something with that calculation that products of burning left to the room. And that is strange, the flue to arrival of police was carefully cleaned. Whom? It is unknown. What for? it is obvious to concealment of traces of crime. And still question: why with draft (it right there checked) carbon monoxide gathered in the room? First not especially paid attention to it or maybe did not want to give it to a kickshaw values. The matter is that several years prior to this Zola it became well-known for the letter to the president of the French republic which he called unambiguously: I accuse .

It was talked of so-called business of Dreyfus. Zola was one of the sharpest critics during process in protection of the officer of the French General Staff A. Dreyfus, Jew on a nationality who was slanderous accused of espionage in favor of Germany. Ardent anti-Semitic hysteria which accompanied all course of judicial proceedings revolted the writer... Zola made a speech at this process among those who defended Dreyfus`s innocence, and, partly thanks to it, false charge was dismissed later. It owners of life could not neither forget, nor forgive to the writer.

It is possible for this reason the authorities and were not though are somehow interested in that information on investigative experiment in general leaked out into the press. As they say: Maxim, well and Let it pass died!

By and large Emil never was in good graces. Having conceived to surpass Balzac in the naturalistic description of destinies of compatriots, Zola possessed sharp mind, observation, and never spared those whom, to put it mildly, did not love. And as the people multiplying the riches due to cruel operation of the poor to them not incidentally were included in this category at all it is most and got on nuts. So for them Zola was very powerful irritant.

He lived a little more than 62 years and was in obviously good creative form. Also did not gather, figuratively speaking to hang up boots on a nail. And it struck with the almost inhuman assiduity and diligence the opponents both then, and now. He worked on nine - ten hours a day, and managed to write from 1000 to 2500 words daily. At the same time he always carefully developed the subject scheme of the works.

Partly it was possible from - that it in marriage with Aleksandrina had no children so nobody distracted it from creativity. Emil begot two offsprings with the housekeeper - the servant so his paternity needed to be proved, but he was practically not engaged in them not to draw anger of the spouse.

And the second explanation to so excessive interest in literary creativity: on paper it splashed out all the not dissipated sexual energy, sometimes complaining to friends that Aleksandrina is so cold that kindles in it passion not more often than once in 10 - 12 days. Though it is difficult to call it an excuse - that chose, had

So, for some time Paris became inconsolable. The authorities, as usual in such cases, made small gifts . In particular, membership in community of gentlemen of an award of the Honourable Legion was returned to Zola, and, so the writer was awarded the rights for burial with military honors again. The government prepared a magnificent ceremony

But murder will out. Later quarter of the century, in 1927, the priest was called to one dying Parisian worker. That, confessing in sins, mentioned also about September, 1902 when he together with the companion cleaned flues on Bryusselskaya Street. To they were told suddenly that in that is that the house lives the famous defender of Jews Emil Zola. Having convinced that the writer will spend the night houses, they waited for twilight and packed a flue crushed stone and other building materials, and early in the morning while Paris fell down, they returned to this house again and cleaned a flue.

Perhaps, this worker indeed considered that this recognition will remove a terrible sin from his soul. But for how many fascinating pages of the master of a feather French did not wait! Here so sometimes the emotional rush of the simple stove-setter is capable to cross out process of literature of the whole country