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Whether it is possible to read character or what tells handwriting about? Part 2.

the Graphology are an assessment of handwriting for the purpose of determination of character, predispositions and tendencies. The foundation of a modern graphology was laid during the Antiquity era. Ancient Romans (as well as ancient Chinese) considered handwriting of one of the main units of measure human person. In this science there are a lot of directions, and one of them - analysis of intervals in handwriting what it is told in this article about.

Intervals in handwriting illustrate some important lines of the general style of thinking and behavior of the personality. It is clear the conceiving and sociable person will group lines, words and letters so that it will be easy for any to read it. And if lines dance, words and letters are stuck together - it is handwriting of illogically conceiving, uncommunicative person.

Intervals between lines. Rather wide interval between lines (so that letters from one line were not confused to letters from another) speaks about attentiveness and consciousness of the person. An average interval - the testimony of organization and clarity of mind, and the confused lines - a sign of unorganized thinking and emotional or intellectual confusion.

Intervals between words. Width of an interval between words - one of indicators of the relation of the person to people around. Identical intervals between words it is a sign of stability and reliability in the relations with people. The changing or unequal intervals show inconstancy in the relations with people around. Such people sometimes try to keep at.

indicates the Narrow gap between words that the person does not need a lot of space, he can easily get on with people around and feel comfortable even at close communication. The person leaving a wide gap between words prefers considerable part of time to carry out alone and needs extensive personal space. And it is moderate - equal gaps are a sign of a social maturity and sober mind.

Width of letters reflects self-perception, the attitude towards itself in handwriting. If letters very narrow, most likely, the person is inclined to excessive self-criticism and hardly expresses the feelings and emotions. Wide letters speak about a habit with ease to treat the events, always with pleasure to open for themselves something new and lack of excessive self-criticism.

displays the Interval between words as far as the person is open in relation to other people. The moderated, not changing interval between letters speaks about extraversion. A narrow interval - the testimony of intensity in the relations with people around, introversion. The big space between letters is left by people with generous nature, sociable and friendly, aiming in life.

A say gaps between letters about whether the person got used to rely on intuition or on logic. The letters connected by lines (four or more following one after another) - a sign of logical, forward thinking. Not connected letters speak about a habit to rely on intuition. In such handwriting gaps between letters is the embodiment of the pauses in the course of thinking giving to thoughts a way from nowhere . If letters are often connected, and often there are gaps, the person perfectly combines intuitive and logical thinking, for example, using sixth sense in the solution of logical tasks.

Really only professionals can estimate handwriting. Never you should give great value to the superficial, nonprofessional analysis of handwriting. It is only an opportunity to learn about the person what will help to communicate with him correctly.

After reading of this article, perhaps, you will want to learn about a graphology more. Successful way!