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Why to gather mushrooms, or Some secrets silent hunting

Many fans of gifts of the nature look forward to an autumn sunny weather with warm rains. These days, allegedly, experts - the best time for silent hunting . Silent hunting the writer V. Soloukhin called collecting mushrooms. Hundreds of thousands of people are keen on this hunting.

according to S. T. Aksakov: Among various hunting human takes the place and restrained hunting to mushroom, or to take mushrooms. I even am ready to prefer as mushrooms because them it is necessary it is possible to find, therefore, and not to find. Here some ability, knowledge of the district and happiness is added. Not without reason the proverb speaks: With happiness well and to mushroom . There is an uncertainty, there are a good luck and failure, and all this together incites hunting in the person and makes its special interest .

And it is valid - you will take a walk with a basket in the wood both such emotional and physical exercises will receive that at once the mood is lightened and health will increase. It is noticed that walks on the wood allow to get rid of headaches and an ache in a waist, to lose excess weight, to strengthen nervous system, to get off gloomy mind. Experts in social psychology consider that the bad mood reduces labor productivity of the worker by 15 - 20 percent. Even the automatic machine served by the angry person carries out the business for 4 - 5 percent more slowly.

I is not vain in many sanatoria and dispensaries of our country griboterapiya it is entered in quality lechebno - preventive action on an equal basis with usual procedures.

Forest walks, besides purely psychological discharge, bring still a certain variety our diet. Mushrooms are called not without reason vegetable meat. In white dried mushrooms, for example, proteins are twice more, than in beef, is three times more, than in fish. By amount of mineral substances, mushrooms compete to fruit. And the aromatic and extractive substances which are contained in them increase appetite and strengthen office of gastric juice. Therefore mushrooms are not recommended by the suffering metabolic disorder, diseases of a stomach, intestines, liver, kidneys, and also to children till 12 years - they have no enzymes helping to digest this heavy food yet.

Before going on mushrooms, it is good to know some secrets silent hunting .

- If summer rainy, then choose all mushrooms the scope - the solar clearing, mowings overgrown with a low grass, along footpaths and forest roads - is closer than the place to the sun.

- Gathering on mushrooms, it is better to rise very early when dew still shines on hats, then mushrooms are more visible, than under the sun.

- can gather Most of all mushrooms under trees from North side. There more cold and more moisture.

- At the mushrooms gathered on salting (milk mushrooms, white butterflies, a honey agaric), cut off legs, unlike saffron milk caps, russulas, chanterelles, champignons, coral milky caps.

- For food needs to select fresh, young, dense, not worm-eaten mushrooms, but old to leave in the earth that disputes were sown.

- Put yours production hats down or sideways in a wattled basket, or other container which walls pass air. In a bucket or a plastic bag mushrooms will deteriorate rather, will burn down .

- Fresh crude mushrooms cannot be held long without processing. Mushrooms - perishable good and therefore they need to be touched and sorted at once. The proteins which are contained in them quickly decay and gain the poisoning properties.

- For tens of millions of years cohabitations mushrooms and trees well adapted to each other. It Is explained by mutually beneficial partnership, so-called symbiosis of a mushroom and tree. Between mushrooms and trees there is an exchange - trees give to mushrooms carbohydrates, and receive from them elements of mineral food. They even had preferences. Perhaps, all know at what tree what mushroom it is necessary to look for. Near an aspen - aspen mushrooms, near a birch - birch mushrooms, slippery jacks - under pines. And here russulas are omnivorous - they get accustomed under any trees. Therefore they are also the most widespread mushrooms in a midland. And white, or boletuses, do not differ in constancy of attachments too. They grow in pineries, birch forests, fir groves.

- Protect a mycelium. Follows, accurately to cut off a leg of a mushroom a sharp knife or to turn out from the soil, without damaging a mycelium.

- And the last council - never to take mushrooms which you do not know or a type of which, raises doubts in their edible qualities.

And for the rest, successful to you silent hunting there are more mushroom trophies and improving sessions griboterapiya .