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Where conducts Sozvezdy Road ? (Than Old Yaffo attracts)

Antiquity One word causes some respect. Casts mystery. At once smells of dust of centuries on mouldering things But in all greatness antiquity is comprehended by

not according to pictures, not according to descriptions. It leans on you while you are surrounded with the monuments constructed by people thousands years ago.

I never was in Egypt at pyramids, in Jordan in Pyotr`s temple, in India about Buddhist temples and in many wonderful places. But that feeling of beauty, mixture of times, at the same time which I receive every time during walks according to Old Yaffo I want presence of antiquity and the present though a little to inform also you, readers Schools of Life .

The road to Yaffo is not so far - a little more than half an hour from a threshold of my house. And here we in port.

Port as well as old fortress, lead modern life. Yachts lie alongside, in a warehouse the artists painting globes to the forthcoming exposition on streets Tel - Avivah settled down, tourists saunter on the embankment continue to arrange to

In buildings about a bay something, began to update underground communications. Dug here, dug there - everywhere the remains of former structures under very thin occupation layer of the last centuries: some walls, some steps to water (protected already in several meters from old descent).

The old thick wall is filled with any pleasure institutions. Here it is possible to take the boat, the equipment for scuba diving, it is easy to have a bite or thoroughly. But in this wall there is a narrow pass which conducts us to To Sozvezdy Road .

The abrupt ladder comes to an end with bifurcation: in one party - one more ladder upward, in another - a dead end with an inscription: Private property. It is protected by firm . Narrow pass conducts through thickness of an old wall in an internal court yard in which something turns green. It is not visible further - an entrance not for all curious (though it would be very desirable to know - what they have still interesting there?) .

Over an arch of an entrance the plate with the inscription " hangs; Road of constellations . We at the purpose. Further the labyrinth of lanes begins, each of which is called on constellation of the Zodiac.

Slightly to the right of the platform on which we appeared, - shop of jewelry. The maintenance of shop interested us less, than its interior: there some ancient arches are looked through

the Small street - the ladder removes to a door in a wall over which the peak withheld by couple Ice with couple of swans hangs. It is not really high antiquity, but rusty very much (salty air quickly turns all iron into ashes).

Slightly farther - pass under an arch to a door with a Catholic cross.

Sozvezdy Road - a treasure for photographers from fashionable magazines. You see happy couple in a picture (I definitely cannot tell - they actually marry or only pose for the fashionable magazine; most likely - the last).

One more flight and new turn: the arches put by stone blocks. Where they conduct?

We come to the square. Directly against us - the small platform which is used as a scene during festivals. Under it - old Yaffo`s excavation, a museum exposition.

Around the area in the restored or updated ruins - studios of artists, benches of souvenirs and antiquities, restaurants, cafe - a full set of show business.

This combination also creates so surprising atmosphere that here does not bother to happen. Besides, every time opens something new.

Sozvezdy Road really takes away from reality in the passed times long ago and creates slightly magic mood!