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On what finger to carry a favourite ring?

In the ancient time a ring on this or that finger could tell a lot of things about its owner. The ring was considered as magic attribute and attached huge significance to what it is made of and on what finger rushes. Presently the ring is attribute of beauty and a social status more.

I the choice of a finger on which the bought ringlet will flaunt, is defined owing to the views and tastes. However psychologists, astrologers and chiromantists are sure that if to approach seriously the choice of a ring and its place of carrying on a hand, it is possible to correct the character. So, on what finger to carry a ring?

It is considered that the ring on the right hand at the right-handed person speaks about what his state at the moment. The ring on the left hand speaks about what state would be desirable for this person. It is more difficult to define a state at lefthanders - the ring expressing current state, maybe on right and on the left hand.

On a thumb people are recommended to carry a ring expansive, emotional and possessing huge stocks of energy . According to astrologers and chiromantists, the thumb corresponds to Mars, and the ring on this finger has to constrain their temperament. The ring on a thumb pacifies aggression in the person, helping to make the relations more harmonious. Ring carriers on a thumb are usually stubborn. Ancient Greeks and Romans carried a ring on big a finger for protection of the man`s advantage. According to psychologists, such people try in any ways to be approved in the world, and first of all, in the sexual plan.

one thumb better to put on a ring from copper.

Indecisive and timid to people the ring on a forefinger is the best of all to carry. This finger from the point of view of astrology and chiromancy represents force of Jupiter. The ring on a forefinger will make them surer, will raise a self-assessment. In addition it is considered that it will bring good luck and success. The person will be able to find internal belief in the forces, to begin more acutely and to expand the knowledge horizons. Recommend to carry a ring from tin or gold.

Unlucky to people on whose way there are many obstacles recommends to carry a ring on a middle finger. On a middle finger it is also recommended to carry the patrimonial ring (if any) descended through generations of relatives to you. The ring on a middle finger helps to cope with difficulties, gives strength to stand and pass all adversities. Also the ring on a middle finger would suit those who are engaged in meditations or self-scrutiny. On a middle finger it is recommended to carry the rings made of iron.

Ring carriers on a ring finger emphasize the passion to beauty, refined things and wealth. Therefore it perfectly will suit to the esthetes, fans of pleasures who are eager for glory and wealth . The ring on a ring finger, especially gold, helps self-expression and acquisition of a celebrity and wealth. Quiet and confident people will suit a small ring better, on the contrary to emotional and hot-tempered persons to liking there will be big rings. Those who want to find the second half put on a ring the left hand, showing to everything that they are free. Also the ring on a ring finger of the right hand is carried by the people who are married. The ring in that case symbolizes their readiness to connect the relations, and gold as Sun metal, best of all is suitable for strengthening of love in marriage.

Those who lacks eloquence, flexibility of mind or sleight of hand are recommended to carry a ring on a little finger. A little finger, according to astrologers and chiromantists, - a finger of Mercury patronizing to diplomats, doctors, businessmen, speakers, politicians and analysts . It is recommended to carry a ring on a little finger that who needs support in these areas of our life. Also the ring on this finger has to help to come into business contacts and to find a common language with any person. The ring on a little finger would suit fans of gamblings and fans of flirtation . It usually helps such people to suppress these qualities of the character. Psychologists are sure that ring carriers on a little finger often tell a lie, are resourceful and inclined to changes and adventures.

Clairvoyants and esoterics well will suit a silver ring. The silver ring helps development of magic abilities, intuition, gift of a prediction and anticipation. It is possible to carry such ring on any finger, but esoterics is advised to carry silver bracelets on wrists, but not rings.

You can use these recommendations, but can rely also on internal I - subconsciousness will not deceive. And the ring will also bring you joy and happiness, the main thing that it was pleasant to you!